The Air Support Department at the General Directorate for Security Support contributed to the Ministry of Interior (MoI)’s participation at the 2nd Unmanned System Exhibition (UMEX 2016) and the 1st Simulation and Training Exhibition. Organized by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company in collaboration with the armed forces, the exhibition is the first of its kind in the GCC region. It will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and focuses on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Colonel Saeed Hussein Al Khajah, Director of Air Support Department at the General Directorate for Security Support, said, “the MoI’s participation in this exhibition is based on the police leadership’s commitment to keeping up with developments and reviewing modern technologies and advanced devices in the field of air support to provide leading and advanced police services in all situations.”

He also noted that the MoI pavilion is showcasing cutting-edge projects and advanced systems used by various security authorities, as well as the rules and regulations of practicing light sports. The pavilion is also reviewing the Air Support Department’s future projects. It presents the MoI’s future aircraft project, tasked with providing support for maintaining security, stability, and safety, as well as supporting police operations to serve the United Arab Emirates (UAE) society and providing stability to citizens and residents of the country.

The participation also involves presenting films about real-life police operations and distributing publications and awareness brochures that highlight light sports rules. This aims to spread and foster legal awareness in collaboration with the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) about operating remote-controlled drones and gliders, and methods of obtaining permits from designated authorities. It also highlights the penalties for violations.

He also noted that the MoI is taking part in live airshows that are held at Al Ain International Airport. The MoI showcases the Air Support Department’s equipment, which is made by national skills in the department. This equipment helps to stop violating aerial vehicles.

He pointed out that the spread of light air sports, such as gliders, has increased recently and attracts young people. Committing to the regulations of practicing light air sports helps spread and reflect the positive aspects of aviation safety. He also called upon light air sports and remote controlled air vehicle enthusiasts to commit to security and safety requirements.

The Air Support Department stays abreast of the accelerated changes and developments in today’s world. It plays a vital role in supporting the police, and endeavors to provide leading and sophisticated police services. The department carries out several functions. The department utilizes its qualified and highly trained human resources and unmanned drones, which cover the surrounding area and thoroughly examine the traffic flow by strictly following up with incidents. This enables field patrols and support teams to make the most appropriate decisions to facilitate traffic or handle emergency situations based on their ability to accurately examine the traffic situation.

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