The Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Centre (CPC) recently discussed ways to enhance the protection of children from risks in a specialized discussion entitled “Towards a Safe and Happy Childhood”.  The discussion was held at the headquarters of the police departments’ compound in Abu Dhabi with the participation of a number of experts and consultants in the field of childhood development.

During the discussion, Lt. Colonel Dr. Omar Ibrahim Al Ali, Director of the Leadership Development Center at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, stressed the importance of brainstorming in order to promote and instill positive educational, social and moral values for children; and of gaining access to the ideas and proposals that support the efforts to raise the children’s awareness. He noted the importance of creating new means to interact with children in regards to achieving the designated objectives to develop character; and to ultimately protect the children from any dangers, taking in consideration the varying ages, genders, nationalities and cultures of the UAE society.

Major Dr. Mohammed Khalifa Al Ali, Director of the Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Centre, addressed the efforts of the Higher Committee for Child Protection in developing and enhancing the role of the family in supervising the child’s use of the Internet, as there are a myriad of risks related to its negative usage. He also highlighted the importance of educating children about the risks they might be facing; and preparing and implementing media campaigns and specialized academic and training programs in coordination with concerned parties to help increase the level of awareness regarding the risks of IT-related crimes. He specifically pinpointed the crimes related to the exploitation of children over the Internet alongside a number of other topics that included children falling from windows, and negative habits, such as writing offensive expressions on walls.

Moza Salem Al Shoomi, Head of the Child Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and member of the MoI’s Higher Committee for Child Protection, stressed over the importance of instilling positive values within the hearts of children. She said that this can be achieved via methods that are age-appropriate, clear, practical, and easily understood. She also pointed to the importance of reviewing the campaign results and achievements in the child education fields.

Participants in the discussion stressed the importance of adopting innovative and advanced procedures to reach the targeted categories and enhance education through the media and social media platforms to protect children from negative practices and dangers.
The discussion also tackled the importance of cooperating with experts in the child education field, and in addressing children with simple and age-appropriate language in order to achieve the desired educational goals.

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