The Ministry of Interior (MoI), represented by the Customer Service Department, has executed a program for spreading information about the Customer Service Charter through workshops, lectures, and brochures about the various MoI customer service centers and police sectors. Text messages introducing the content of the charter were sent, in addition to other methods of interaction, addressed to the internal and external public. This comes under the initiatives of the Customer Service Department, which aim to train and develop front-end employees, and raise their performance to the highest levels.  

As per the directives of the police leadership, the program was organized to activate the Customer Service Charter, through which the Ministry will provide high-end services in a bid to meet and achieve customer satisfaction. Such expectations embody the UAE 2021 Vision, which focuses on excellence in governmental services.

Colonel Nasser Khadem Al Ka’bi, Head of the Customer Service Department at the Ministry of Interior, explained that the launch of the Customer Service Charter and the commitment to implement it in the various police commands and sectors aims to provide excellent services that achieve customer satisfaction. “This is to be done by applying several modern standards and features in this field, such as the professional treatment for customers, a warm reception, and excellence in the delivery of services through a cooperative and knowledgeable work team that understands the needs and requirements of customers,” he said. “In order to properly understand the needs of our customers, we periodically conduct studies regarding their requirements and work to develop service channels.”

Colonel Al Ka’bi mentioned that the Customer Service Department has conducted approximately 30 of the 80 targeted nationwide workshops for 2015 throughout the first and second quarters of 2015. The workshops, held for the police sectors of the UAE, were attended by 466 personnel. An internal marketing campaign was also launched and included distributing publications, introductory brochures, display boards, and posters. The brochures were also provided in electronic versions.

The workshops were conducted with the participation of a number of officers from the Customer Service Department at the Ministry of Interior. They aim to build the capacities of the staff members and to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge for achieving excellence in customer service, as mentioned in the articles of the charter.

The workshops included an explanation regarding the main topics of the charter which include: the commitment of the Ministry towards customers, interacting with customers with care and respect, providing them with a warm and welcoming reception and excellent service, handling customers’ needs with professionalism, and exerting the efforts to implement them in addition to others.

Correspondingly, the charter includes what the Ministry expects from the customers, which includes: evaluating the efforts of employees and respecting them, providing the required documents completely and accurately in order to complete their transactions, and cooperating with the employees.
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