The Ministry of Interior is participating in the GITEX Technology Week 2015 events, which kicks off on Sunday at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). In its pavilion at the exhibition, the ministry will display the latest generations of modern techniques as well as several initiatives and smart services provided to the public The ministry will also showcase the advanced technological systems used to support field operations, and will acquaint the public with the projects and techniques it uses.

Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of the Smart Government Program at the Ministry of Interior, said that the ministry marks its 15th consecutive participation at the industry’s prestigious technology event, and aims to promote its myriad of smart services and introduce them to customers. “This approach is in line with the Government’s wise vision to ensure the accessibility of the services to all individuals and improve the competitiveness of the UAE, in a way that reflects the prestigious stature it has achieved among world countries,” he noted.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Shimmari added that the Ministry of Interior constantly endeavors to improve mart services provided to customers, to reflect the UAE vision 2021. “This is achieved through maintaining the levels of service availability and standards of quality and excellence, so as to boost the customer’s confidence and satisfaction and meet their expectations,” he said.  Moreover, he emphasized the diligent work carried out by all police and security sectors to implement initiatives and projects that make optimal use of information and communication technologies in an innovative and intelligent way; as well as to develop and enhance services, by making them available and accessible around the clock, reducing the cost and time necessary to obtain the service; thus achieving the public’s expectations, meeting the coveted aspirations and boosting the country’s global competitiveness.

He also noted that the smart government is seeking to provide all kind of services in one place, through mobile phones 24/7, 365 days a year. “This endeavor is more than just an advertising slogan; it is indeed a reality, based on a conceptual framework for enhancing customer experience and satisfaction, which includes boosting administrative and technical culture, training highly qualified personnel, and a competitive technical infrastructure,” he continued.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Shimmari explained that visitors to the Ministry of Interior’s pavilion will be acquainted with a number of systems and applications that allow them to acquire modern smart services. They will also get the chance to see presentations about of the latest smart service projects in the field of security and safety, to enhance direct communication with the public and ensure the delivery of selected awareness messages. Furthermore, he noted that the exhibition is a good opportunity to acquaint community members and visitors with the sizeable qualitative progress and the distinguished services achieved by the Ministry via the various forms of digital communication; not to mention the state-of-the-art technologies that enable the development of unprecedented smart services that will be unveiled at the exhibition.

He noted that the participation in GITEX 2015 is the largest to date. It reflects the higher leadership’s vision to introduce a new phase of efficient e-government, ‘one that goes to the people and does not wait for them to come to it’. “Its services will cover various service areas that keep pace with the rapid progress of technology”, he said.

Adding further, Lieutenant Colonel Al Shimmari said, “Through its participation in the exhibition in the past years, the Ministry has managed to showcase the array of technical services and smart solutions it offers to the public, as well as a range of security systems and other surveillance systems.” Moreover, he noted that the Ministry will continue promoting smart services provided to customers to reflect the UAE vision 2021. It seeks to achieve these goals through maintaining the levels of service availability and the standards of quality and excellence, thus contributing to boosting customers’ confidence and satisfaction while striving to meet their expectations.

He also reiterated that the measures and initiatives taken by the Ministry of Interior aim to achieve the Government's vision, which would place the UAE Government as one of the top five e-governments in the world by 2021, coinciding with the country's golden jubilee anniversary. “The UAE has been leading the e-Transformation charge in the region since the year 2000, when it launched its e-Government initiative,” he indicated. Moreover, Lieutenant Colonel Al Shimmari said, “Through its participation in the exhibition in the past years, the emphasized that the UAE has achieved 7th rank globally in e-government services and has boosted this position by launching and adopting the mobile/smart government initiative, which is even more sophisticated.

“Visitors to the exhibition can review the myriad of smart services provided by the Ministry via its smartphone applications (UAE-MOI and Hemayati) anytime and anywhere without having to visit one of the service centers. These services will significantly reduce the burden on customers, citizens and residents alike. These services include issuance of Criminal Status Certificates; citizens’ passport renewal; issuance of extract of civil status record, issuance of short-term (60 and 90 days) visas, and traffic services such as vehicle registration renewal; payment of fines and vehicles plates’ reservation. The services bundle also includes other services that include all MoI sectors, namely; Traffic and Licensing; Civil Defense, Police; Immigration and Naturalization,” noted Lieutenant Colonel Al Shimmari.

Furthermore, he underscored that the Ministry is working tirelessly to exceed the public’s expectations in various policing sectors throughout the UAE. “This falls in line with the smart government initiative aimed at increasing and boosting awareness of government entities about the benefits of mobile phone services and the need to implement the optimal techniques in the provision of government services to improve performance, based on the creativity and innovation factors and consistent with the need to cater to the requirements of all society segments and achieve their aspirations,” Lieutenant Colonel Al Shimmari indicated.

For his part, Captain Majid Al Hashemi, Information Security Officer, noted that the Ministry of Interior will acquaint visitors with the smart civil defense centers’ project, and their interaction with the main Operations Room. “By switching to smart centers, which are controlled by the main Operations Room, the officer in charge of receiving notifications dispatches the concerned center electronically in accordance with international standards by calculating the time frame from the moment the call is received  until the first fire truck leaves the center,” said Captain Al Hashemi.

Captain Al Hashemi also noted that the Ministry of Interior’s pavilion will also showcase the electronic infrastructure program used to exchange federal security-sensitive geospatial data. He continued: “The program consists of three main projects: a project to equip the GIS data rooms and disaster recovery; a project to establish the infrastructure for federal Geographic Information Systems (GIS); and a project for acquisition and installation of software and databases for Geographic Information Security Systems.

“Also on display, will be the federal security-sensitive geospatial data, which represents the technological interface of digital maps for internal users. The police resources management system using GIS will also be displayed, and constitutes a sophisticated geographical system, allowing a speedy response, and support for resources and field units in their mandated tasks. The mobile data module application for field operations will also be on show, in addition to the geographic security analysis system,” he concluded.

First Lieutenant Yousef Sultan bin Houwail Al Nahdi, Team member of MoI’s Smart Government Program, emphasized that GITEX visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the Ministry of Interior’s Smart Library, which is considered the first of its kind in terms of harnessing modern technology in the area of sciences and spread of knowledge.

The smart library contains a wide variety of digital information sources, including e-books; periodic scientific journals by local and international publishing houses; in addition to more than 3,200 online newspapers from around the world that are updated every minute.

The Ministry of Interior’s staff members can access the content of the Smart Library through the different smart phones or tablets anytime anywhere.  Users can also create their own custom library and bookmarks for quick and accurate access to references. The Smart Library database contains a variety of information sources, that include e-books, audio books, read-along books;  scientific and cultural movies; as well as political, policing and security analysis. The library features reading halls equipped with the latest  modern smart technologies to help staff members read and get information, in an environment characterized by creativity and innovation in terms of library furniture and color designs.

 First Lieutenant Al Nahdi also noted that visitors will be briefed on the e-learning system, which is used to raise awareness of the ministry’s staff. It provides accurate measurement of the awareness level of staff members regarding the proposed subject, ultimately helping to establish accurate performance indicators.

Additionally, he said that visitors will attend a presentation to test the security breach procedures on the services offered by the ministry, to highlight the importance of such tests in uncovering potential security gaps and preventing hackers from infiltrating these systems, as well as providing appropriate solutions to close these security gaps.

Security media and definition of services

Captain Mubarak Al Mansouri, Media Campaigns Branch Manager at the Security Media Department at the Directorate General of Security Support, the General Secretariat of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, called upon the public to visit the Ministry of the Interior’s pavilion to get acquainted with the latest modern technologies and smart services that will be displayed.. He also noted that the media team will provide the media with daily reports regarding the Ministry of Interior's participation in Gitex. It will also interact with the public via social media networks by broadcasting messages and news about the most prominent events taking place at the pavilion.
Adding further, he said: “As part of the campaign to promote Smart Services implemented by the smart government program team, the Ministry of Interior has acquainted customers with the provided services, which are easy to obtain and save time and effort, through the different social media websites, as well as via the “Nabd” App on smartphones and giant advertising screens across all shopping centers at the countrywide level.”

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Interior has achieved an important milestone across its various departments and entities, in developing e-services and transforming strategic plans into executive annual plans.  This aims to provide smart services to customers 24/7 via the various channels, including its website, and smartphones applications “UAE- MOI” and “Hemayati”.
The tireless efforts exerted by the ministry fall in line with the framework of the Smart Government initiative. The initiative aims to raise awareness amongst government agencies on the need to avail of smartphone services, and implement the best technologies in order to enhance service delivery to the highest levels.

Our Services within Your Reach

Within the framework of its efforts to upgrade the e-services provided to customers; the Ministry of Interior seeks to formulate and implement policies and initiatives by using information and communication technologies in an innovative and intelligent way, with the aim of achieving public’s expectations and boosting the country’s global competitiveness, while making the UAE one of the best countries in the world in this aspect.

Moreover, the Ministry of Interior provides all segments of society with advanced and user-friendly techniques. It also seeks to live up to its slogan “Our Services Within your Reach... Your Satisfaction is our Aim” by providing electronic services in a secure way through a streamlined and convenient process that requires an Emirates ID card. The ministry constantly endeavors to keep abreast of the latest developments with the aim of serving customers. To this end, it has allocated the phone number 800500 to receive their enquiries during business hours to facilitate the completion of transactions and receive proposals that would enhance the services provided to them via the Email:

The Ministry of Interior’s smart phone application “UAE MOI”

The Ministry of Interior provides several advanced services through its smart phone application. The MoI platform supports Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows compatible smart phones. It connects users to a number of partners in the UAE, vehicle inspection and insurance companies; as well as to the ministry’s website through the unified login mechanism (username and password) in order to obtain services from any channel of electronic communication. Users can register once using the single sign-in feature on the website or through smart phones, and gain access to all of the Ministry of Interior’s services.

The “Hemayati” Program

The Ministry of Interior provides the “Hemayati” application, which is a crucial part of the UAE’s “national agenda. The application relates to the fields of security and policing, with a goal to make the UAE one of the safest places in the world by achieving a complete sense of security. The “Hemayati” System comes as a response to the requests of the parents wishing to know the whereabouts of their children.

The HEMAYATI Application is available at the Apple Store for iOS compatible iPhones and iPads, and at Google Play as well as BlackBerry, and Windows compatible smart phones to enhance child safety and protection, and provide parents and caregivers with real-time communication with children through this App at all times. HEMAYATI also provides an ingenious SOS feature built-in, enabling children to send distress calls to their parents when they feel threatened, and then go on to notify the Operations Room about the SOS notification with a single click. It also enables the police to keep in constant contact with the families and their children in order to deal with the "Smart SOS" as notifications of the highest priority. It also enables the police to quickly respond to emergencies. The smart application embodies the directives of the police leadership, which encourages the use of modern technology in order to develop smart services that enhance the community’s trust.

To download and install the app, please look for the app on “Apple Store” by typing “HEMAYATI.”
You may also visit the following link:

Family members can communicate through the application by clicking on the picture of one of the family member on the map; the name and the last known whereabouts of the latter appear. They can call or text or request a location. These features will be only accessible to family members through a chat called “private group”. The application features distinguished safety specifications and privacy features for users. It helps to determine the whereabouts of children in case they go missing.
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