Two months of monitoring the illicit activities of the UAE’s most notorious drug dealers has culminated in 13 arrests and the seizure of their drugs and narcotic pills in a major drug bust.  

According to Colonel Saeed Al Suwaidi, Director General of the Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior, the details of the successful operation involved constant surveillance of the 13 most prominent drug dealers by the Anti-Narcotics officers for two months. The dealers, of various nationalities, were monitored as they prepared to conduct drug operations in some of the emirates.

“Through the highly coordinated and cooperative efforts by the concerned Anti-Narcotics Departments at the police general headquarters throughout the UAE, a plan was established in order to capture these criminals one by one,” Colonel Al Suwaidi said.   “They were arrested, and our forces seized the drugs and narcotic pills that were prepared to be distributed throughout the local markets.” The Anti-Narcotics officers confiscated 54,000 narcotic pills and 3.25 kg of hashish in the operation.

Col. Al Suwaidi noted that the Anti-Narcotics officers also succeeded in foiling an attempt by two Asian nationals to send clothes filled with narcotics to one of the punitive and correctional establishments. All accomplices involved in the incident have been arrested.

“There is no room for drugs in the UAE, and in light of the efforts of the Anti-Narcotic departments and sections throughout the UAE that have been formed as a response to the attempts to promote drug trafficking, the drug trade will never find a foothold here nor find a viable market,” he said. In order to bolster and maintain the success of the anti-narcotic efforts, Colonel Al Suwaidi said that the concepts of drug prevention must be a consolidated effort, with parents inculcating the values that stem from the righteous teaching of Islam alongside the values and traditions of the UAE within the hearts and minds of their children. “Safeguard your children from the deception of drug dealers by instilling our religious and authentic views,” he said.

Colonel Al Suwaidi reminded the public about the ‘Mukafih’ phone service that is available by phone at 800444. The service, launched by the Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior last June, aims to introduce the dangers and harmful effects of narcotics via electronic means. “Those wishing to seek help in getting rid of their addiction should call the phone service,” he said. ‘Mukafih’ additionally assists families in the early detection of drug abuse as well as how to treat and report drug-related crimes and suspected cases.

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