The Ministry of Interior’s Ramadan councils will conclude Monday following the discussion of the Ministry’s services provided within the sector of Community Protection and Crime Prevention.

The main topic of discussion will highlight the three main public services provided by the sector alongside its key activities, specialties and achievements. The most essential and prominent issues that have been successfully dealt with will be highlighted in the discussions, including the key challenges faced and the most appropriate ways in which to address them.  

The door is open for the public to provide their opinion, suggestions, and recommendations to be invested by the MoI in future planning and performance development.

The Ministry of Interior’s Ramadan Councils, organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau, in cooperation with the Security Media Department, at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior; have witnessed significant interaction amongst citizens and the media. The council participants took part in the topics of discussions used to strengthen and upgrade police services and additionally presented their recommendations for handling various policing issues.
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