Major Muhammad Ahmad Ali Al Zeyoudi, from the Legal Council at the Ministry of Interior, has obtained a Master’s Degree cum laude in Law, specializing in Criminal Justice, from the Police College for his thesis entitled: “The Extent to which the Consent of a Victim Acts as a Cause of Permissibility.”

The thesis screening panel was headed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al Amin Al Bushra, Professor of Criminal Law (chairman); Dr. Mamdouh Al Bahr, Associate Professor of Criminal Law at the Police College (head supervisor and member); and Dr. Jassem Mohamed Al Antali, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice (member).

The thesis involved a comparative study between the legislation of the UAE, Egypt, and France; which focused on the issue of the victim’s consent as a legal action and use of personal rights. The thesis highlights the differing legislative standpoints concerning the issue, as judicial discernment in some cases is rather difficult to apply due to the complexity of the issue and differing opinions.

The thesis additionally points to the extent to which the Penal Code affords individual rights, and to which extent these rights are limited. The screening panel granted Major Al Zeyoudi the Master’s Degree in Law.

The discussion was attended by Lt. Colonel Dr. Nasser Mohammed Al Bakr, Head of the Postgraduate Studies Department; and a number of the Police College officers and lecturers.

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