First Lieutenant Hamed Salim Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi from the Ministry of Interior has achieved academic excellence at the prestigious NYPD Police Academy. The achievement is yet another addition to the record of local and international achievements of the UAE Police. It is worth mentioning that First Lieutenant Al Nuaimi is the first Emirati officer to graduate from the Academy in the December 2015 batch of candidates that included 1100 US policemen.
The graduation ceremony took place at the Madison Square Garden in New York in the presence of Bill de Blasio Mayor of New York;  William Bratton, New York Police Commissioner; Major Abdul Aziz Al Sharif, Police Attaché at the UAE Embassy in the USA; alongside high ranking officers at the Academy and a large number of US officials.

New York Police Commissioner William Bratton praised the distinguished level achieved by the UAE Police and its permanent presence at international gatherings. He also hailed its achievements that further boost its prominent stature and relation with its peers around the world.

Bratton stressed the NYPD’s keenness to strengthen relations with Abu Dhabi Police through the exchange of expertise and knowledge and field expertise between both parties via a series of meetings and delegation visits, and mutual courses. He noted that the graduation of a single Emirati officer alongside his US colleagues proves the deep-rooted relations between both parties and reflects the efficiency of the Emirati police members.

Colonel Waleed Al Shamesi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police College, said that the achievement is a living proof of the UAE Police staff members’ capabilities and world-class efficiency among the most efficient police staff members in the world. It also reflects their skills in discharging police duties according to the highest international levels.

Colonel Al Shamesi stressed the keenness of the police leadership to leverage global policing expertise, using cutting-edge technological tools. “This approach would enhance the UAE Police’s work and services and promote its international stature, while maintaining the gains achieved by the UAE’s global competitiveness rankings. It will also contribute to preserving security and stability in the country in its journey towards making further achievements and implementing strategic initiatives and plans according to the UAE Government’s vision to enhance the quality of services and combat crimes.

Colonel Al Shamesi pointed to the prestigious reputation of the UAE police, their distinctive presence in international forums and their achievements that have positioned the police body as the vanguard of leading policing institutions. He also hailed the UAE Police’s efforts that have helped establish their prestigious international position by expanding cooperation with peer institutions around the world; their world-class humanitarian handling of international events and their continuous support for emergency teams during international crises and disasters. In conclusion, he commended the honorable image reflected to all people that come to the UAE, to live, work or visit.

It is worth mentioning that First Lieutenant Hamed Salim Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi has successfully passed the academic requirements at the prestigious NYDP Academy during a 6-month program. The program included police sciences and knowledge, as well as leadership training; theoretical and practical legal lectures; and planning and execution of security scenarios. The program also included live pursuits, use of weapons, archery, and physical fitness training courses, according to the finest international levels.

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