The Smart Government Program at the Ministry of Interior announced that the UAE MOI smart phone application is now available in 16 languages for all types of smart phone operating systems: IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. The multilingualism contributes to increasing the usage ratio and enables a larger segment of customers from various backgrounds to browse the application and review its services easily.

This step is part of the Smart Government Program’s strategy to enhance the experience of customers of various nationalities residing in the country. The goal is to facilitate using the application so that satisfaction with the ministry’s services increases.

Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of the MoI’s Smart Government Program, explained that the list of languages included within the MoI’s application includes German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Bengali, Bahasa "Indonesian," and Tagalog "Filipino," in addition to the main copy in Arabic and English. The initiative endeavors to bridge the language barrier and facilitate use of the ministry’s smart application, regardless of educational or cultural background, he explained.

Moreover, he stressed the program’s desire to excel in the field of smart services by making them available to the largest segment of customers. He also pointed out that the multilingualism of the UAE MOI application results from the cultural pluralism and internationalism of the UAE, and illustrates the Ministry of Interior’s commitment to smart government initiatives which are accessible 24/7 to anyone.

He added, “The Smart Government Program at the Ministry of Interior continues to develop and implement smart services in line with international best practices. The program supports the government's goal of becoming one of the best governments in the world by 2021, in conjunction with its Golden Jubilee 50th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the UAE.”

He also noted that the Smart Government Program at the Ministry of Interior aims, through this step, to bridge the language barrier and facilitate the application’s use for all users, regardless of background. This will contribute to achieving a leading customer experience.

The UAE is one of the leading countries regionally in the field of e-transformation, having been ranked 7th globally in e-government services. The launch of the “Smart Government” initiative in 2013 is considered a turning point in government work. The shift towards more comprehensive and developed concepts of Smart Government, where services are provided from anywhere via smart tools to serve the customer efficiently, is in line with the ambitious goals of the UAE’s Vision 2021 initiative.
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