The Ministry of Interior (MoI)’s Smart Government Program stressed that the ministry is endeavoring to switch to a model that is more compatible with national plans and agendas, taking advantage of best practices and available technologies. The ministry is now ready to achieve sustainable development, explore the future and enhance customers’ experience and satisfaction. The ministry will do this through a comprehensive action plan which aims to achieve success, as per national orientation and in line with the national plan for the smart government.

These comments were made during an educational lecture delivered by Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of the MoI’s Smart Government Program at the Police College. Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari underlined that the ministry is carrying out the implementation of the smart government initiative that aims to ensure the happiness of the customers, achieve value for the public and improve the general experience of dealing with the government.

Additionally, he pointed out that the MoI is seeking to make rapid progress in providing smart and electronic services. And transform into a typical federal entity within the smart government through its wide range of services and strong information and communication technology infrastructure.

On the same note, Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari emphasized that the “smart government” initiative represented a qualitative shift in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s government work, elevating the concepts of E-government to the more comprehensive and advanced concepts of the smart government. “This falls in line with the UAE Vision 2021’s ambitious goals, and is achieved by adopting an approach characterized by creativity and innovation and applying superior service standards,” he said.

Furthermore, he indicated that the MoI’s smart government has set in place a set of initial objectives which it implements through a guiding strategic framework for the MoI’s Smart Government Program. “It also ensures that these objectives comply with national plans, and prepares a comprehensive road map for the strategy’s implementation in the coming years,” he noted.

“The ministry has identified specific steps that should be taken to achieve the vision, designed the organizational capacity of the smart government to ensure the success of the strategy implementation, and developed mechanisms for a successful implementation and change process. It also envisaged the future path of the MoI smart government’s road map by determining the scope of work and choosing the right company for the implementation, as per the company selection procedures.

In conclusion, Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari predicted achieving a range of outcomes, including improving the value and impact to UAE citizens in their dealings with the ministry's services either through digital panels, mobile phones or computers. He also mentioned building on everything the ministry has achieved to date in terms of smart transformations and achieving both the government and the public’s visions and aspirations.
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