The Ministry of Interior, represented by the Traffic Coordination Directorate General, launched the third unified traffic awareness campaign for 2015 as per the initiatives within the traffic sector. The campaign is held under the slogan ‘A Summer without Accidents’ and will continue through summer vacation.

The campaign aims to unite all efforts to educate drivers in regards to taking the necessary precautions to ensure that their vehicle is safe and reliable.  Under the campaign, drivers are urged to perform periodic maintenance on their vehicle, to ensure that the tires are safe to drive on, and to abide by the rules and regulations of traffic for their own safety and the safety of others. By following such directives, drivers can help reduce the number of traffic accidents, especially those that occur during the summer.

Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Zaabi, Director General of the Traffic Coordination Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior, said that the campaign was launched in order to reach the highest levels of traffic safety for everyone through adjusting road security, enhancing safety, and preventing traffic accidents and run-over incidents.

 “Traffic accidents continue to be a major concern for the public and for the police and security entities in the country alike.  It’s an issue of concern due to the adverse effects that result from the numbers of deaths and injuries, and from the other social impacts that may arise from material damages and expensive property losses,” he said.

Brigadier Al Zaabi explained that the ‘A Summer without Accidents’ campaign comes at the start of the summer vacation, which witnesses an increased number of travelers by land throughout the nation. “It is imperative that drivers conduct a comprehensive examination of their vehicles, and check the necessary vehicle parts -replacing them with new ones, if need be.” He continued by stressing the need for drivers to comply with the maximum height restrictions when loading items to the roof of the vehicle. He urged them not to exceed a height of 60 cm in order to avoid an uneven strain on the vehicle that would make it more difficult to control the car. 

In order to preserve the lives of others, he called for the need to increase awareness and to promote a traffic culture for drivers and road users in regards to the importance of ensuring the safety and validity of their vehicles.

He then explained that the campaign to prevent accidents is made possible by the Traffic Coordination Directorate General in the Ministry of Interior in cooperation and coordination with the Traffic and Patrols departments in the UAE and with the private and public sectors concerned with traffic safety.

Brigadier Al Zaabi pointed out that the campaign ‘A Summer without Accidents’ will be addressed through social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, online discussion forums, and blogs. “Posters and brochures related to the campaign will be distributed in a number of public centers, gas stations, and public gathering locations. Media seminars will also be held and will host participating officials in campaign events,” he said.

“Driving safely is both an art and a manner of gentility. In light of the increase in the numbers of vehicles, it is imperative that drivers abide by the instructions and guidance to safely travel the long distances and hours by car,” said the Director General, Brigadier Al Zaabi.

In a bid to preserve every road user’s safety, he additionally urged for drivers to: ensure that their passengers buckle up, prevent children below the age of 10 from sitting in the front passenger seats, abide by the designated speed limits, abstain from driving when tired or fatigued, and to not leave the car unattended while the engine is still running.
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