The Ministry of Interior, represented by the Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General, launched the “Mukafih” Service to raise community members’ awareness on the dangers of drug use and abuse.

Colonel Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi, Director General, Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior said: “The service is designed to boost community members’ awareness on the dangers of drugs. It is also aimed at providing help and assistance to victims of drug gangs”. He also noted that the service will help parents to detect early signs of drug abuse and addiction within their family.

Adding further, Colonel Al Suwaidi noted that the Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior welcomes and appreciates community members’ collaboration in reporting drug crimes. He confirmed that the Directorate handles tips confidentially and rewards collaborators who provide information that lead to arresting offenders. He also encouraged them to cooperate with security and police bodies by contacting the toll-free number 80044.

Additionally, Colonel Al Suwaidi explained that “Mukafih” Service provides a wide range of information on the dangers of drug. Callers may inquire about the types and dangers of drugs, and learn to recognize the different signs and symptoms of drug abuse in their family. They may also take an electronic test provided by the “Mukafih” service, “Is my Child on Drugs?” to determine suspected cases of drug use and abuse within their family, which automatically assesses the case and the danger level. The Service also provides additional information, on the proper ways to request assistance to overcome drug addiction; report drug-related crimes, and provide purposeful suggestions on the drug scourge.

In conclusion, Colonel Al Suwaidi called upon the public to report any suspicious case, and to cooperate with police officers to arrest anyone who attempts to sell harmful substances. He also stressed the need for concerted efforts between all entities and institutions with the police, with the aim of curtailing drug addiction among community members.
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