The Ministry of Interior discussed the means to support the national agenda indicators for the UAE vision 2021, which aims to establish the UAE as one of the safest places in the world by enhancing the community’s sense of security and reaching advanced levels of reliance on police services, in line with the government’s vision to developing services on par with the best international standards.

These issues were tackled by the Ministry during a specialized workshop organized at the Eastern Mangroves Hotel in Abu Dhabi with partners from 52 government entities representing ministries, departments, as well as local and federal bodies. The workshop is a part of the MoI’s Strategic Approach 2017-2021.

During the workshop, the participating government entities took part in brainstorming sessions designed to collect their proposals in support of the national agenda indicators for the MoI strategy. They also carried out a number of exercises and towards the end of the workshop, voted in support of the national agenda indicators within the MoI Strategic Approach (2017-2021).

Colonel Faisal Sultan Al Shuaibi, Deputy Director of Strategy and Performance Development  at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, stressed the ministry’s keenness to contribute to achieving the UAE Vision 2021. He also reiterated the ministry’s commitment to ensure that the UAE remains a role model of modernity and development by supporting the march of excellence, which is an essential requirement  in today’s contemporary world in order to reach a more secure, stable, and pleasant life.

“In line with the preparations for its upcoming strategic plan and achieving the national agenda, the Ministry of Interior has consulted with all key partners about its performance indicators related to emergency response time, reliance on police services, reducing mortality rates in road accidents and alarming crimes in order to establish a precise strategic initiative with partners and reach an integrated vision with them,” he said.

Adding further, Colonel Al Shuaibi confirmed that “the Ministry of Interior’s strategic approach is consistent with the UAE Vision 2021”. He also gave an overview of the indicators, statistics and benchmarking standards adopted, notably the sense of security among others. He pointed out that the MoI is considered is one of the leading institutions in developing the strategic plan since 2004 and praised the police leadership’s support and commitment to strategic development and to keep pace with the latest global developments; in line with the federal government’s strategies.

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