The Higher Committee for Combating Drugs at the Ministry of Interior discussed the new methods to be adopted as per the targeted strategic indicators for 2016 in order to aid the anti-narcotic efforts. The new methods urge performance development and intensify the work to curb drug dealers and drug-related crimes.

The discussion was held during the eighth meeting of the committee, which was chaired by Colonel Saeed Abdullah Tawir Al Suwaidi, Director General, Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the Higher Committee. Directors of nationwide anti-narcotic departments attended the meeting, which took place in the meeting hall at the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at the Dubai Police.

Col. Al Suwaidi opened the meeting with a prayer for the souls of the fallen martyrs, of whom have given their lives to support what is right through their service of national duty. The martyrs are exemplary models of sacrifice that inspire others to carry out their duties. He prayed to God Almighty for the martyrs to rest in eternal peace and to be granted a place in heaven amongst the martyrs and righteous. He also prayed for the families of the martyrs and for God to grant them with patience and solace.  

Following the prayer, Col. Al Suwaidi said: “The anti-narcotic personnel alongside the concerned authorities continuously operate in accordance with the prepared strategy and plans in order to fight against drug traffickers, smugglers, and dealers and to prevent them from committing their crimes against society.” He continued by pointing out that the work procedures and the fight against crimes are consistently developed in a bid to maintain the safety and security of the society.

“When the leading drug traffickers and their drugs are seized, the narcotic gangs incur a heavy loss while the anti-narcotic personnel celebrate their victory,” he added. “Through a federal team, our anti-narcotic units have recently witnessed a profound success when we captured one of the major drug traffickers who was primarily responsible for the majority of the heroin abusers in the UAE.”

He also pointed to the importance of enhancing the existing cooperation between the committee and the councils with the school districts and parents in order to bring awareness programs to the youth. “This will strengthen the concept of drug prevention with our students, bolstering their ability to stand up against the negative influences and against those who promote drug use.”

Col. Al Suwaidi urged the public to communicate with the “Mukafih” Service, which is provided by the Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General, and aims to raise societal awareness regarding the dangers of drugs and about the help that is available for the victims. The service enhances the ability of parents to protect their children from this scourge, as well as identify the early detection signs of drug abuse in the family. The service can be reached through a toll-free number (80044) or via SMS to (2244).
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