In its ninth meeting, the Ministry of Interior’s Human Rights Committee recently discussed the extent of the police leadership’s commitment towards implementing the Ministry’s obligations to the recommendations within the periodic report of the 2013 United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).  In addition to discussing the recommendations included in the report, which are to be handled in accordance with the timeline set through the end of 2016, the attendees reviewed the efforts made for their implementation by the police leadership alongside suggesting improvement opportunities to aid the Committee in achieving its objectives.   

The meeting of the Human Rights Committee was held at the Al Ittihad Hall in the Ministry’s headquarters, and headed by Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Murr, Director of the Dubai Police Human Rights Department and member of the Committee. The meeting was attended by Brigadier Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Buhindi and Brigadier Ahmed Abdullah Al Zaabi; alongside a number of Committee members and officers of the Ministry.

At the beginning of the meeting, Brigadier Al Murr welcomed the members and thanked them for their efforts and their achievements towards establishing the practice and values of human rights within the Ministry of Interior.

During the meeting, the participants reviewed the results and achievements of the working teams at the general headquarters of the police in caring for and promoting human rights. Moreover, they addressed the action plan and the phases that have been achieved throughout the first half of 2015. The attendees highlighted the opportunities for improvement so as to enhance the Committee’s performance, as required. The attendees also stressed the need to make use of such results in order to promote the culture of human rights among the sector’s personnel in a way that serves the orientation of the Ministry in supporting and bolstering the nation’s portfolio in the field of human rights.

The meeting also highlighted the questionnaire regarding the culture of human rights, which will target and measure the results of the Ministry’s employees for the year 2016. Furthermore, the attendees addressed the requirements of the Ministry of Interior’s sectors in terms of training courses on various areas of human rights for 2015, the Ministry of the Interior's current strategy, the Ministry’s future strategic plan 2017-2021, and human rights proposals thereon.

Towards the end of the meeting, Dr. Al Murr expressed his heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the members for their interest and engagement. He also urged for them to strive to instill the concept of human rights through specialized training programs that aim to enhance the spread of the culture to protect human rights amongst employees of the Ministry of Interior.

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