The Benchmarking Center at the Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior (MoI) recently organized a forum to discuss global best practices in the field of traffic safety. The forum was held at the Police Officers Club in Abu Dhabi, with the participation of international experts.

Major Dr. Ali Al Ghafli, Deputy Director of the Benchmarking Center, delivered a speech welcoming the participants from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and national institutions. Furthermore, he underlined the keenness of the police leadership to apply the best practices, exchange experiences, and benefit from the practices applied in the fields of policing and security globally.

Additionally, Al Ghafli stressed the eagerness of the Benchmarking Center to actively participate in achieving the MoI's strategy, by building partnerships with distinctive entities to exchange information, experiences and performance indicators. Moreover, he pointed out that the center aims to be a role model in the areas of benchmarking at the regional and global levels.
On the same note, Major Dr. Al Ghafli indicated that the center accords a great deal of attention to applying best practices and harnessing the global tools used to measure and develop institutional performance with policing and non-policing bodies, in furtherance of the march of excellence, development and continuous improvement witnessed by the ministry.

For her part, First Lieutenant Aisha Al Kaabi, Chief of the Assessment and Communication Section at the Benchmarking Center, noted that the center is keen to periodically organize annual seminars and conferences tackling various topics related to the MoI’s objectives, priorities, and operations.

Al Kaabi emphasized the importance of communicating and discussing issues of mutual concern with representatives of member states, which deal with road safety control and making roads safer.

Al Kaabi briefed the attendees on the “Benchmarking Center,” established to serve as a basis for excellence and continuous improvement and development for the MoI and its institutional units. “The center achieves its mission by focusing on accessing the highest levels of performance, conducting benchmarking processes with other distinguished institutions from policing and non-policing sectors, and providing deep insight into competitive advantages,” said Al Kaabi. Moreover, she underscored that the MoI is keen to actively participate in achieving its strategy aimed at providing a community where security and safety prevail, by adopting global best practices to measure and develop institutional performance.

She highlighted the importance of the forum in enhancing the cooperation and exchange of knowledge with institutions known for adopting best practices in the field of traffic safety, and in promoting the benchmarking concept by applying it as a major success factor. The forum also promotes establishing partnerships with other successful institutions and facilitating the exchange of information, expertise and performance indicators for the common good. The forum also addresses the role of police work by applying laws and traffic safety regulations to enhance traffic awareness.

The forum then reviewed a working paper presented by Major Engineer Yousuf Fahed Al Badi and Captain Engineer Abdullah Hamad Al Ghafli from the General Directorate for Central Operations at the Abu Dhabi Police. The working paper focused on the role of smart systems and big data in enhancing traffic safety and the way these are used and gathered through the Smart Traffic Systems Center.

The working paper explained that the full activation of a traffic prediction system via the Abu Dhabi network is one of the important smart projects. The system reports the traffic congestion at different times. It also discussed another system for the electronic distribution and monitoring of patrols. The working paper of Captain Saeed Al Ameri from the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police reviewed Abu Dhabi’s experience in enhancing road traffic safety.

The forum also included an open and constructive dialogue about techniques and forms of safety and security on major roads, and the ways to bridge existing gaps in the current international repercussions to enhance road safety and implement solutions that are pertinent to traffic congestion. Inspector Theo Bones, Accounting Manager in the Dutch National Police, presented a working paper in this regard about traffic safety in the Netherlands; while Leo Mortimer from the Ministry of Transport in New Zealand gave a brief idea about New Zealand’s efforts in achieving safety on roads.

The United Kingdom also participated in the forum through a working paper presented by Ramadan Muhyiddin, Chief Inspector and the International Police Advisor in England, discussing the role of police operations on roads. Anthony Fox, Chief Inspector in the Australian Federal Police,

examined the role of the Australian Police in decreasing traffic accidents, and Shaun Smith, Liaison Officer for the Canadian Embassy, presented a working paper tackling Canada’s strategy for traffic and road safety until 2025, pointing to the most important practical experiences of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in this field.

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