The Legal Council at the Ministry of Interior discussed the development of regulations and procedures in a specialized workshop. The workshop was held at the InterContinental Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development, and a global legal consulting firm.

The workshop concludes the study of the remaining laws and regulations of the ministry, to evaluate, develop and prepare a general outline. The outline will showcase the current legal capabilities and future requirements through a review of laws and regulations, according to best international practices in the legal field. The workshop was attended by representatives of various sectors at the Ministry of Interior, including Naturalization, Residency and Ports, Police Operations, and Anti-Narcotics.

Major General Dr. Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, President of the Legal Council at the Ministry of Interior, opened the workshop. He stressed the importance of reviewing and developing the regulations within the framework of the specialties of police work to keep pace with the requirements of the field, and promote performance development. He pointed out that one of reasons for the UAE judicial system’s success is the keenness of the law enforcement authorities to follow and implement the regulations.

Major General Al Nuaimi pointed out the importance of foreseeing the future through laws and regulations which promote the police work system, and of keeping up with the developments and benchmark standards of various developed countries. This can be achieved through laws with clear procedures, support, and achieving practical results and recommendations, which help promote the regulatory aspect.

The global consulting firm gave a presentation, explaining that 12 laws have been submitted for revision and development studies, as per the suggested mechanisms, to help identify the gaps and opportunities for improvements. There will be also meetings conducted with experts and detailed benchmarking with five countries, the USA, Germany, France, UK, and Singapore, in order to address the weaknesses of the laws.

During the workshop, the attendees reviewed the practices of a number of developed countries within the regulatory framework of the workshop’s topics. This helped to achieve results which promote the future vision of developing the regulations related to police work.

Brigadier General Dr. Rashid Sultan Al Khodr, Vice President of Legal Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, explained that the workshop is part of the police leadership’s directives and follow-up in order to review the laws related to police work at the Ministry of Interior. This review enables the assessment and development of legislation to stay abreast of the latest global developments taking place in terms of legislation and laws related to police work at the ministry.

He added, “the advanced level of the country’s institutions, departments and bodies is based on clear and reliable foundations and legislations that are consistent with the provisions of the constitution, via an updated and sophisticated legislative system, which matches the progress witnessed by the country in various sectors.”

He stressed the police leadership’s desire to create total awareness and include the most important laws and procedures that need comprehensive assessments within clear frameworks. He also highlighted the importance of recognizing the major challenges that impact the efficiency of the provided services, and the legal and procedural factors related to such challenges.

Furthermore, he confirmed the keenness to adopt the principle of free discussion, and review the major challenges with transparency and clarity, by concentrating on the most important aspects relating to each sector. He also stressed the need for concerted efforts to carry out legal review of the various priority procedures. Lastly, he called for joint action between team members to ensure capacity building and the sustainability of the project to review and develop all legislations and laws related to police work at the ministry.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Rashid Ali Al Nuaimi, member and rapporteur of the Legal Council at the Ministry of Interior, explained that the workshop is part of the police leadership’s directives to review the legislations related to police work by specialists at both field and legal levels. This falls in line with the wise leadership’s vision to keep abreast of the various developments in legislation in policing areas, especially in issues related to the fight against crime and the services provided by the ministry for employees at the ministry or for the community.

He concluded that the workshop adopted an action plan developed by the specialized committee and included a discussion of a set of laws; most importantly, the Code of Criminal Procedure; the Penal Code; the Anti-Narcotics Law; the regulations of the entry and residency law for foreigners; and a general outline of the changes to previously-reviewed laws.
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