Participants at two Ministry of Interior’s councils held in Al Ain and Al Samha Area in Abu Dhabi stressed the importance of raising the public’s awareness and promote cooperation between the police and members of society to enhance security and stability.

In the city of Al Ain, the council was hosted by Muta’red Saif Al Afari in his residence. The council is part of the awareness councils organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. Participants stressed the importance of raising the public’s awareness by focusing on promoting the optimal use of social media, without violating the privacy of others.

The participants in the council, held under the theme “Invasion of Privacy through Social Media,” stressed the need to find a balance between monitoring children’s use of modern technology means, without their knowledge, and without preventing them from using them and between protecting them against the misuse of the internet. They also called for constantly boosting children’s awareness about the dangers of wrong internet use, to avoid becoming victims of cybercrimes.

In his address at the council, Colonel Dr. Jassem Al Antali, Professor of Criminal Law at the Police College, explained that focusing on the positive uses of social media and the internet serves all segments of society, in their quest to gain knowledge and achieve communication with others. They stressed that negative use of the internet increases the likelihood of falling victim to various cybercrimes; such as fraud and online blackmailing, which harms individuals, and allows invasion of their privacy on social media. He called upon parents to monitor their children’s social media activity and internet use, to protect them against immoral people who may take advantage of their young age and innocence.

Participants also reviewed means of cybercrime prevention, by boosting the public’s awareness on the optimal use of social media, and the need to avoid posting any personal data or photos. They noted that community awareness is the first line of defense to prevent cybercrime.

The second MoI council was hosted by Mohammed Abdullah Bal’ajer Al Rumaithi, at his residence in Al Samha area in Abu Dhabi. The council, which is part of the awareness-raising councils organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Ministry of Interior, was moderated by Ali Al Samesi from Abu Dhabi Media.

The participants at the council, held under the theme “The Role of the Public’s Cooperation with the police to Achieve Security,” stressed the importance of community members’ participation with the police in the efforts to preserve safety and security and crime prevention. They added that this cooperation contributes to reducing crime; achieving safety, security, and stability; and promoting the security level in the UAE.

The participants pointed out to the valuable role of the family and parents in promoting the awareness of children about the dangers of cybercrimes, and spreading rumors; as well as their role in promoting their security sense, to enable them to curtail all types of crime and support the police efforts in crime prevention.

Participants also hailed the efforts of the Community Police, whose presence and role have become instrumental to spread and promote social awareness of community members of all walks of life, and to resolve problems amicably before they are referred to the competent authorities. They also praised the Community Police’s work in studying and resolving the various negative phenomena and behaviors, to achieve the goals of society protection and crime prevention.

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