Participants in the Ministry of Interior’s Council hosted by UAE national Al Muta’ared Saif Al Afari at his residence in Al Ain under the theme “The Risks of Internet Use on the Youths’ Thought,” recommended developing public policies among stakeholders, in coordination with Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). Moreover, they stressed the need to promote the positive role of the media in raising awareness of the dangers of negative internet use.

The council is one of the awareness councils organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau, in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. The council was moderated by media personality Rashid Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Head of the Al Khaleej Newspaper Office in Al Ain.

In his address on this occasion, Colonel Mohammed Salem Al Zaabi from the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ spoke about how modern means of communication, represented by the Internet, provide information in various fields of science and knowledge. “This knowledge must be employed for the benefit of innovation, scientific progress, the development of intellectual capacity. With this knowledge we can deal with a massive quantity of information in a scientific and positive way, so as to serve both individuals and communities,” he said.

Additionally, he emphasized that the misuse of the internet has a negative impact on children and youth, who constitute the main pillars of society. “The solution lies in promoting religious, cultural and moral restraint for young people and in providing alternatives,” he noted, adding that some websites promote negative thought, leading to deviations among young people who lack resistant thought and culture.

Participants in the council urged parents to supervise their children’s internet use, including monitoring programs and media viewed as well as interaction with others via social networks. Council participants also called for using dialogue to open discussions with children and increasing children’s confidence both in themselves and in their families.

For his part, the host of the council, Al Muta’ared Saif Al Afari, praised the Ministry of Interior's efforts and its leading role in studying, managing and addressing various negative phenomena present throughout society in order to achieve the highest degree of safety, security and social stability. “Through its police leadership and various departments, the Ministry of Interior spares nothing to promote a culture of awareness among the different segments of society,” he concluded.

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