Participants in the Ministry of Interior’s Council hosted by UAE national Bakhit Mohammed Al Ketbi at his residence in Al Ain under the theme “The Civil Defense Sector and Public Safety” recommended providing maximum security and safety requirements in buildings and critical installations. Moreover, they stressed that security and safety is a shared responsibility and a common goal amongst all segments of the community.

The council is one of the awareness councils organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau, in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the General Directorate for Security Support at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. The council was moderated by media personality Rashid Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Head of the Al Khaleej Newspaper Office in Al Ain.

The council stressed the importance of raising community awareness of the dangers of fires, and reinforcing the evacuation culture among the different age groups in the event of a fire. The participants also considered security and safety as one of the most important rules of life that aims at providing a safe and stable environment for members of the community.
Additionally, participants in the council highlighted the requirements of prevention and safety that must be available in each house, such as the presence of exits and windows that need to be safe and free of obstacles. The council also stressed the need for fire extinguishers and for training family members on how to use them, in addition to exercise caution in all electrical connections that must comply with specifications approved by the competent authorities.

On the same note, participants reiterated the role of the family in educating children and strengthening their security culture in the fields of security and safety requirements and the services offered by the Civil Defense. Furthermore, the council encouraged coordination between educational institutions and competent authorities, by organizing field trips for school students to civil defense centers to learn about the services offered and the cutting-edge equipments used by these centers.

Concluding, the participants emphasized the importance of coordination between the relevant government entities, and the civil defense departments in fulfilling public safety requirements, by carrying out fire drills and practical exercises on the work of civil defense. They also urged disseminating public safety culture among all segments of society through educational lectures, courses, and seminars, distributing educational pamphlets and other safety precautions aimed at promoting the safety of the members of the community.

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