Participants attending the Ministry of Interior’s council, hosted by Mohammed Obaid Al Kaabi at his residence in Al Ain, discussed of the issue of social media privacy violations.

The council is part of a series of awareness councils organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau, in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and was moderated by media figure Hassan Habib, Deputy Manager of Dubai Sports Channel. Moreover, participants stressed the need to promote cyber crime awareness amongst community members and the need to protect sensitive data, including personal information and payment card data.

The council tackled the importance of instilling effective mechanisms to ensure the proper use of social networking sites, in order to enjoy their many benefits at a local, regional and global level. Participants noted that social media has become a vital part of daily life, underlining the need to abide by the usage laws, terms and conditions.

On the same note, participants highlighted the various forms of cyber crime and ways to counter them, in order to raise awareness about such crimes and the related penalties. Participants also warned against falling prey to blackmail or electronic fraud and the online exploitation of children by immoral predators. In conclusion, they praised the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior in providing e-patrols to curb such crimes, in addition to raising public awareness against their risks using multiple means and methods.

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