In its third meeting of 2015, the Media and Public Relations Coordination Committee at the Ministry of Interior discussed a number of topics regarding the subjects that will be brought forth during the conference for the protection of juveniles against delinquency and crime, which is to be held in Kuwait in November. The topics of discussion included ways to strengthen security awareness and the possibility of contributing work papers in the upcoming conference.

The committee meeting was headed by Colonel Hussein Mahmoud Al Awadi, Acting Head of Public Relations Department and Chairman of the committee; and was held at the Dubai Police Officers Club. Colonel Dr. Jassem Khalil Mirza, Director of Security Awareness at Dubai Police, attended the meeting alongside a myriad of members from the various police general headquarters across the nation.

In addition to addressing the recommendations that had been reached in previous meetings, the committee discussed a number of topics on the agenda including: the distribution and assignments of tasks to members, the evaluation of the work carried out by the committee, and the standardization of work procedures for each committee.

Meeting participants also discussed the proposed initiative for the standardization of protocol across every police general headquarters in the UAE; the 2015 annual plan for lectures, seminars and workshops; and the organization of a number of annual awareness lectures at the headquarters that address various security issues.
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