In collaboration with Etisalat Academy, the Customer Service Department at the Ministry of Interior conducted field visits for participants enrolled in the Excellence Diploma Program. The program is organized by the Ministry of Interior with the participation of 490 trainees from the various federal and local governmental bodies.

The program aims to provide participants with the opportunity to review the experience of service institutions across the country and avail of their successful practices in the field of excellence in customer service. it also aims to exchange and share knowledge between public and private institutions, as well as to identify the challenges faced by these institutions as they strive to attain excellence in the provision of services.

Colonel Nasser Khadem Al Ka’bi, Head of the Customer Service Department at the Ministry of Interior, noted that the field visits’ program was carried out in collaboration with the MoI’s strategic partners in the federal, public, and private sectors. “This approach aims to reinforce participants' knowledge and acquaint them with the successful experiences of public and private service institutions,” noted Colonel Al Ka’bi.

Adding further, the Head of the Customer Service Department said that the program included nine field visits to Emirates Post Group, the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, and Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC), with of aim of exchanging experiences at the federal level. “During these visits, participants were briefed on the distinguished experiences in providing and upgrading services and in developing communication channels with external customers,” he indicated.

As a part of the program, field visits were also organized to Dubai courts and Customs, the Roads and Transport Authority, and the Dubai Tourism Authority. During these visits, participants reviewed the outstanding approaches implemented by these institutions, which earned them global, regional and local excellence awards.

Furthermore, Colonel Al Ka’bi noted that the program included visits to private sector entities. Participants reviewed the experience of Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi, as a leading outstanding hospitality provider. They were also briefed on the Etihad Airways’ practices in the field of customer service and incentives provided to employees in charge of service delivery. The participants also reviewed the outstanding practices that earned the company global corporate excellence awards during several consecutive years.

Moreover, the participants enrolled in the program reviewed the experience of the hotels sector. As a part of the program, a visit was organized to review the experience of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai. Participants were briefed on the unique efforts to qualify citizens to work in the private sector, as well as efforts to achieve excellence in service provision and hospitality.

The Head of the Customer Service Department noted that the field visits included panel sessions with the host institutions. “These sessions are efficient training methods that have a positive impact on the diploma program participants,” he said. The participants reviewed the best practices and experiences and asked questions to learn about the different topics related to these practices.

It is worth mentioning that the Customer Service Diploma Program is a comprehensive program that aims to qualify staff members in all aspects related to service provision. The program adopts the best practices in the field of training in order to hone the skills of staff members working in service provision, and upgrade their performance to the highest levels, according to the modern trends adopted by government sectors and in line with the Government's vision 2021.

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