The General Directorate of Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H. the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior (MoI), is distributing Iftar meals to Abu Dhabi City road users shortly before the Al-maghrib call for prayer (sunset). The initiative is taking place in association with the Emirates Youth Council.

Colonel Mubarak Awadh bin Muhairom, Director General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention, highlighted the importance of spreading the spirit of solidarity and generosity to members of the community during the Holy Month. He also highlighted other noble intentions and higher values that should be instilled in the spirits of our children, especially the younger ones. He commented that the distribution of Iftar meals to drivers embodies the solid humanitarian values of our citizens, who are always keen to follow the example set by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Colonel bin Muhairom explained that such a charitable initiative, which is being carried out by both men and women from the General Directorate of Community Protection and Crime Prevention and the Emirates Youth Council, plays an important part in reviving the solidarity values embodied by the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The initiative also aims to prevent drivers from exceeding speed limits to catch their Iftar meal, and thereby avoid traffic accidents that could cause loss of life and property.

“This initiative is also being undertaken within the context of the General Directorate’s eagerness to carry out our Leadership’s directives to reflect partnerships and social responsibility within institutions and among individuals by participating and interacting with different activities and events,” he added.

Colonel bin Muhairom praised the Emirates Youth Council’s particular role in the initiative and overall efforts in encouraging positive participation from the youth. He also praised the Council’s participation in promoting patriotism and good citizenship values in young people.

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