The Ministry of Interior (MoI) will begin to apply the Ministerial Resolution No. 12 of 2015 related to the UAE Control System for trailers, camper trailers and semi- trailers starting the first of April. The resolution stipulates that none of the above vehicles may be certified without the prior issuance of a certificate of conformity according to the provisions of this resolution.

The ministry invited owners and drivers of certified and uncertified trailers, camper trailers and semi-trailers that are used in the country to abide by the resolution and regularize their status before the resolution comes into effect, at which time uncertified trailers will be prevented from circulating in the country.

Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Zaabi, Director General of the Traffic Coordination Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior, confirmed that trailers, camper trailers and semi-trailers that fail to abide by the technical requirements stated in the resolution will be considered in violation of the resolution’s provisions, which exposes them to penalties stipulated by the law and thus the necessary related procedures.

He added that the resolution’s provisions cover all trailers, camper trailers and semi-trailers manufactured both in the country or imported from abroad, with the exception of trailers and semi-trailers set to be exported outside the country.

Finally, Brigadier Al Zaabi explained that the resolution aims to achieve public safety requirements. “Protection covers or mud flaps must sufficiently cover the rear of the rear wheel of the trailers or semi-trailers to prevent gravel, stones or other materials from being thrown into the windshields of other vehicles, and they must be equipped with brakes that prevent their movement when the trailer stops. Additional mirrors must be installed on trailers in case the side mirror of the truck, car or light vehicle does not allow the clear vision of the trailer or semi-trailer. They also should be equipped with the necessary tools to disengage and setup the tires, in addition to a pressure gauge and emergency equipment to maintain the safety of all road users.

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