The Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Interior organized a workshop regarding the scheduled and unscheduled functions and competencies of the Office. The two-day workshop was held at Federal Police School in Sharjah.

The workshop was attended by heads of police headquarter departments and Civil Defense centers throughout the UAE; in addition to general directors of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and their deputies, and a number of officers at the Ministry of Interior.

Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior, emphasized the need to hold similar workshops in order to spread the culture of self-auditing. “Self-audits effectively develop performance levels and enhance the efficiency of the police services that are provided to the public,” he said. “By taking advantage of these opportunities, we will see improved results.”

During the workshop, Brigadier Dr. Abdullah Omran Al Shamesi, from the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Interior, discussed the specializations of the Office. He also addressed the importance of supervision in police work in order to provide more efficient services, maintain public trust, review work processes and address any mistakes or shortcoming. Such steps are necessary in order to enhance performance efficiency measures, through utilizing development opportunities and maintaining assets, discipline and the overall appearance of the police work; in addition to identifying risks and adhering to policies, plans, laws, and regulations.

Brigadier Dr. Al Shamesi also discussed the types of administrative, field, technical, and sudden inspections, in addition to scheduled inspections that are carried out in accordance with an annual plan implemented at all police sectors.

He also explained the various specializations of the internal auditing office that ensures the commitment of the entities of the MoI to the data, plans, laws, and regulations. It is also responsible for identifying risks in work plans and programs and ensuring safety and integration of information and data and its dependability in decision-making.

Colonel Nasser Rashid Al Mu'alla, from the Directorate General of Central Operations in the Ministry of Interior, reviewed the duties and tasks of Central Operations. He also discussed the importance of exercises in developing readiness to respond to emergencies; both scheduled and unscheduled exercises.

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