During an inspection visit to the Capital Police Directorate, affiliated to the Directorate General of Police Operations, Major General Omair Muhammad Al Muhairi, Director General of Police Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, reviewed the progress of work at the directorate and identified its needs. He also examined the approach adopted by directorate to ensure continuous improvement of services provided to the public, according to the latest and best international practices.

Major General Al Muhairi urged staff members at the Directorate to further endeavor to streamline the delivery of services to customer, commensurate with the latest customer handling methods and techniques, in line with the vision of Abu Dhabi Police in this regard. While reviewing the work methodology at the directorate, Major General Al Muhairi also stressed the need to exert further efforts to ensure development and excellence in performance; calling upon staff members to show a high sense of responsibility and duty, so as to promote the civilized image of the Abu Dhabi Police.

Colonel Ahmed bin Saif bin Zeitoun Al Muhairi, Acting Director of the Capital Police Directorate accompanied Major General Al Muhairi in his tour. In his speech on the occasion, the Director General of Police Operations emphasized the importance of ongoing efforts to further improve the work environment, and the quality of outputs, as per the plans and programs set up within the framework of initiatives and methodologies, all of which fall in line with the Abu Dhabi Police’s general strategy.

In conclusion, Major General Al Muhairi stressed the need to promote the culture of organizational excellence among employees. “We must strive to implement the strategic initiatives of the Abu Dhabi Police, aimed at boosting security and spreading tranquility amongst community members, while reinforcing concerted efforts to prevent and fight crimes,” he said.

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