The Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior (MoI) organized the activities of the first Scholarships Authorities Forum in the state for 2016, at the Eastern Mangroves Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Colonel Dr. Salah Al Ghoul, Director of the Decision-Making Support Center at MoI, emphasized the importance of the forum in exchanging ideas and suggestions which promote the familiarization of the excellence of the Distinguished Scholarship Award. This is to motivate Emirati students on scholarships and encourage their creativity and innovation, thereby contributing to the development of the country’s institutional performance. It also maintains the honorable representation of the student outside the state, which reflects a positive image of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s reputation.

Colonel Dr. Al Ghoul also stressed the role of governmental institutions and partners in supporting the award’s objectives and access to scholarships from outside the country, and motivating them to present their ideas and discuss ways to apply them in our institutions.

For his part, Lt. Colonel Dr. Ali Al Ghafli, Head of the Organizational Excellence Department at the MoI said in his speech that the MOI has worked since the launch of the Distinguished Scholarship Award in November 2014 on familiarizing students with the scholarship award in specialized forums in the USA, France and Italy. The students are considered distinguished ambassadors who reflect the distinct civilized image achieved by the UAE in various fields and contribute to deepening the innovative spirit as part of the police leadership’s keenness to motivate them to present creative ideas that serve institutional work.

He also pointed to the importance of consolidating and strengthening partnerships with governmental institutions in a way that contributes to attracting the largest number of the UAE’s students on scholarships outside the country for the award. He said these partnerships also take advantage of their distinctive ideas and work to adopt and develop them. He noted that the participation of scholarship students in the first session, amounting to 113, confirms the keenness of the sons of the country on scholarships to present positive ideas that serve their countries. “We hope this number will soar through more interaction and ideas that motivate them to provide such creative and innovative ideas which receive the attention of the wise leadership,” he said.

Captain Muhammad Salman Al Hanae’I, Chief of Internal Awards Section at the Distinguished Scholarship Award, presented the award’s objectives to stimulate and highlight Emirati scholarship students, encourage them to embrace innovation and creativity, and maintain the prestigious representation of the UAE abroad. He explained that the award includes all Emirati students on scholarship from the MoI or other public or private institutions who are studying abroad.

Moreover, he pointed out that the award includes the National Representation Award for the three top-achieving and distinguished students who best represent the UAE and reflect the Emirati identity. This is done by respecting laws and regulations, participating in community-based activities and environmental volunteering work, and excelling in their academic and scientific studies. Other awards will recognize creativity which achieves performance in organizational excellence.

He also stressed the MoI’s keenness to attract a large number of scholarship students to participate in the award, and apply the innovative ideas submitted in the first edition. The MoI also seeks to spread the award all over the world through cooperation and strengthening partnerships between scholarship entities in the country.

For his part, Major Muhammad Ismail Al Harmoudi, Director of the Innovation Center at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, highlighted the innovation strategy adopted by the MoI to provide an appropriate environment for students. This will motivate them to provide the best creative and applicable ideas, and to be determined and persistent in achieving those ideas that develop creative work. He confirmed the ministry’s support for innovation by encouraging scholarship students through applying those creative ideas according to scientific tools and specialized mechanisms.

The opening of the forum was attended by a number of senior officers and representatives of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of International Cooperation and Development, the Ministry of Education, and a number of government institutions in the UAE.

The Award’s Criteria

•The student’s role in highlighting the national identity of the UAE in formal and informal occasions.
•The student’s respect for the laws and regulations of their educational entity and his compliance and commitment to applying these laws, which reflects the honorable image of the UAE at the educational entity.
•The extent of the student’s contribution to the community-based activities and environmental volunteering work organized by the educational entity.
•The outstanding efforts made by the student in his education.
•The extent of the student's keenness to develop their capabilities and skills across different disciplines.

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