The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) delivered a lecture in legal awareness for 31 members of the Ajman Police General Headquarters.

First Lieutenant Jassem Mohammed Khamis, Law Respect Culture Bureau Branch Manager in the Northern Region explained: “the legal culture is important for all segments of society and knowledge of it should not be confined to a particular group.” He stressed that: “the legal awareness campaigns organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau will continue throughout the year and include all segments of society.”

During his lecture, First Lieutenant Khamis pointed out that respect for the law is achieved first by being familiar with its most important fundamentals and then applying its rules. He also talked about two types of laws; the Public Laws, comprising their relevant constitutional and administrative laws; and the Private Laws, which include their applicable civil and commercial laws, as well as the personal status law and the Labor Act. He also explained the differences between the forms of law represented by the constitution, the law set by the legislative authority, the regulations issued by the executive authority and finally the administrative resolutions.

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