The Social Support Centers Department organized a lecture for the Police College’s students in Abu Dhabi on ‘Building a Marriage Culture’, as well as the family's role in building the community and its importance in maintaining community cohesion and integration.

During the lecture, Ms. Moza Mubarak Al Qubaisi, social worker at the Social Support Centers Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, stressed that social security reinforces stability and tranquility in the local community, and allows individuals to carry out their regular chores and activities.

Al Qubaisi said that family is the building block in building the society. “It contributes to developing its cognitive abilities, strengthening its emotions and reinforcing its spiritual, emotional and behavioral state,” she added. Moreover, she pointed out that the basic elements of family building include constantly reinforcing regular and family relations, which impact and get impacted according to the individual’s position.

Al Qubaisi underscored the importance of the Social Support Centers in supporting social work and encouraging crime prevention efforts. She also noted that fighting objectionable phenomena that are alien to the Emirati society is a shared responsibility, calling for providing the necessary psychological and social support to victims of crime and violence with the help of psychological and social experts.

In conclusion, she tackled the role of the Social Support Centers Department in protecting the family via a flurry of preventive and treatment methods and services it provides, to enable the family to meet the challenges and dangers of abuse, solve problems and provide the appropriate solutions, as well as via  awareness and outreach programs that target the family.

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