The Anti-Corruption Department at Abu Dhabi Police highlighted the importance of preparing educational outreach programs in integrity protection for the public and private sectors. It also emphasized the importance of developing the vocabulary of general education curriculum and university education to focus on the values of integrity and honesty.

Abu Dhabi Police recently organized an educational lecture at Al Ittihad Hall at the Abu Dhabi Police College as part of the “My job is a trust” awareness campaign recently launched by the Ministry of Interior. This campaign aims to foster positive functional values in society, notably, preserving public funds; refraining from making illicit gains from a job; avoiding abuse of position or power for personal gains; not favoring someone or an organization at the expense of others; applying rules and legislation without negligence; and emphasizing the role of members of the public by cooperating with the relevant police sectors to report any incorrect behavior that may have a detrimental effect on society.

The lecture was held by Lt. Colonel Matar Mu'ded Sultan Al Muhairi, Head of the Anti-Corruption Department at Abu Dhabi Police, in the presence of a large number of candidate students in the Police College. He stressed the importance of instilling the positive moral values that promote the idea of professional integrity and uprightness in our community. He called to join efforts in the fight against crime in all its forms and manifestations, pointing out the negative impact of failing to report moral crimes.

Lt. Colonel Al Muhairi highlighted the role of various institutions in instilling the positive and moral values upheld by the society in the interest of integrity, justice, uprightness, transparency and professional loyalty, and the confrontation of all forms of crimes that might affect those values and ethics.

He also addressed the commitment of various institutions to motivating outstanding staff members who are keen on doing their work without bias, favoritism, blackmail, damage to public money, exploitation of the job, and abuse of power.

Lt. Colonel Al Muhairi also invoked members of the public to cooperate in order to reinforce this civilized aspect of our community. He asked them to communicate via the "Aman” service, which allows the public to report any crime or suspicion, or to submit any information that would serve to reinforce security efforts by phone, text message or online. He explained that the "Aman” service is available to receive confidential information round-the-clock in Arabic, English and Urdu by dialing the toll-free number, 8002626, sending an SMS to 2828, or sending an e-mail to

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