The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Directorate General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, pursued its awareness-raising efforts by organizing various educational lectures. The lectures targeted juveniles at the Fujairah Young Men Social Foster Home (YMSFH), and workers of a private company in Fujairah.

Lieutenant Saif Rashid Al Hindasi, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, presented a lecture for staff members and juveniles at the Fujairah Young Men Social Foster Home (YMSFH), under the title “Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith; and Patriotism is a responsibility”. In his lecture, Lieutenant Al Hindasi gave an overview of the law and how to respect it; stressing that ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defense. In the second part of the lecture, Lt. Al Hindasi tackled the love for the homeland; patriotism; and the means to reinforce the sense of belonging and loyalty to the country and its leadership.

In the second lecture held under the title “Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities”, Lt. Al Hindasi said: “The laws and regulations applicable in the UAE have been enacted to organize and regulate the rights and duties of all individuals, so as to provide them with a decent and safe life. The UAE law guarantees the rights of workers and in return, has set forth a set of obligations that must be exercised within the limits provided by law.”

Lieutenant Al Hindasi emphasized the keenness of the Law Respect Culture Bureau to pursue its efforts to raise workers’ awareness about various legal matters. “The Law Respect Culture Bureau is keen to acquaint workers with the wrongful actions  they may commit as a result of their ignorance of the provisions of the law, which eventually make them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

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