The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Directorate General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, recently organized an educational and awareness-raising lecture for students of Al-Ghazaly High School for Boys under the title "Patriotism is a Responsibility". The lecture was attended by a number of educators and a crowd of school students.

Captain Suhail Al Hafiti, Chief of the Community Education Section, explained that within the framework of its activities, the Law Respect Culture Bureau seeks to create and enhance cooperation and community partnerships with the various society institutions. “Such cooperation embody the sense of solidarity and collaboration and would reflect positively on young people, by instilling positive values in them; building leadership capabilities; promoting the spirit of belonging to the homeland; and training them to assume  their social responsibilities by maintaining the achievements and gains made in this beloved country over the past decades,” he said.  

During the lecture, Lieutenant Juma’a Mohammed Al Hosani, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Ministry of Interior, explained the concept of patriotism and citizenship; the components of good citizenship; the national duties; and the values of loyalty and belonging. He said: “Patriotism is more than flashy slogans and enthusiastic chants, because the greatest gift we could offer to our country is our loyalty that goes beyond selfishness and self-interests, to sacrifice every minute and breath for the sake of building this country.”

The lecturer displayed photos that showcase love for the country and Emirati stories of loyalty and dedication to the UAE and endeavors to maintain its achievements and reflect its bright cultural image across all forums and events. “Such values have contributed to a distinguished level of respect and appreciation for the UAE and for Emirati nationals among other people across various parts of the world,” he noted.

For his part, Lieutenant Khaled Saif Bu Dhufaira, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, urged young people to show diligence and pursue further academic attainment. He stressed the importance of adhering to good morals and discipline, treating others with respect and affection; in a way that reflects the morals and values of Emirati people derived from the Islamic faith and the Arabic nobility. In conclusion, he confirmed that loyalty deepens patriotism and further instills positive values and behaviors among citizens; it also contributes to developing the national spirit and deepening the sense of belonging to the nation and loyalty to its leadership.
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