The Peripheral Offices Section, affiliated with the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Directorate of the Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the Ministry of Interior, endeavors to enhance the law respect culture and public order in society. This is achieved according to a strategy based on spreading awareness about the law; introducing it; ensuring its implementation and updating, in addition to deepening and supporting positive values, norms, and traditions in society through police and community education lectures. The Law Respect Culture Bureau’s Peripheral Offices Section was activated in 2013.

Captain Nasser Rashid Al Ka'bi, Chief of the Peripheral Offices Section at the Law Respect Culture Bureau, explained that the section was activated in 2013 in order to carry out its duties in the northern regions, in addition to improving the quality of the provided programs by discarding the traditional methods of providing legal culture. “The section endeavors to provide police and community-based educational programs for the MoI staff members and education programs for workers, members of the public and school students,” he noted.

Adding further, he said: “During 2015, the section provided more than 50 awareness-raising programs. As many as 3,034 employees at the Ministry of Interior benefitted from the police education programs and 1,692 employees benefited from the community education programs.”

Moreover, he pointed out that the key topics of the legal education programs focus on enhancing values, loyalty, belonging, and law respect, as well as respect for the different laws applicable in the UAE, breaches of the ethical code of conduct and relevant sanctions, legal culture and patriotism. The educational programs also include an overview on the Law Respect Culture Bureau and its goals, legal culture, digital drugs, and the rights and duties of the employee. These programs are a part of the long-term awareness campaigns that are held periodically throughout the year.

In conclusion, he pointed out that the Peripheral Offices Section at the Law Respect Culture Bureau has actively participated in organizing Ramadan councils across the Northern Emirates during 2014 and 2015.

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