The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Directorate of the Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, organized a legal education lecture that benefitted 107 cadets enrolled in the Recruits’ course No. 20, at the Police Training Institute in Ras Al Khaimah.  The lecture falls in line with the bureau’s awareness efforts in the policing field.

Lieutenant Saif Rashid Al Hindasi, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau in the Eastern Region, said: “The lecture aims to establish the law respect culture among all police staff members.” He explained that a policeman’s knowledge of his rights and duties is very important to enable him to do his job with high professionalism. This knowledge is a valuable link between the theoretical phase of the law and the practical phase, where a policeman practices his duties within the limits and boundaries of the law in the fight against crime.

Lieutenant Al Hindasi noted that focusing on educating new cadets reflects the Law Respect Culture Bureau’s keenness to instill legal culture in staff members as they enroll to work in the police institution. This would positively impact their behavior, and reflect the civilized image of police staff members who respect the law and endeavor to enforce it.

Lieutenant Al Hindasi explained that police staff members have a double responsibility to respect and enforce the law in a civilized manner, because they are required to be role models for others. In conclusion, he stressed the need for police staff members to observe and enforce the law effectively, in a way that positively influences community members.

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