The Law Respect Culture Bureau, at the General Directorate of Community Protection and Crime Prevention, the General Secretariat of the Office Of H.H. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, hosted an awareness lecture for 250 workers from the Alfahim Accommodation Town, and the Common Housing Town in Al Musaffah area in Abu Dhabi.

In the lecture titled “Workers’ Rights and Duties”, Lieutenant Juma’a Mohammed Al Hosani, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, provided an overview of the law and how to respect it; stressing that ignorance of the law is no excuse to breaking it.  The lecture also shed the light on the importance of preserving the rights of workers, and their duties towards their job and towards the host country. It also highlighted the most common violations that are usually committed by workers, the seriousness of such violations, and reminded workers of the Ramadan rules.

In another lecture, titled “Rights and Duties of Workers”, First Lieutenant Abdullah Mohammed Al Muhairi said: “The laws and regulations applicable in the UAE have been enacted to organize and regulate the rights and duties of all individuals, so as to provide them with a decent and safe life. The UAE law guarantees the rights of all individuals and in return, has set forth a set of obligations that must be exercised within the limits provided by the law.”

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