The Ministry of Interior, represented by the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Directorate of the Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, will be organizing 257 events as part of the bureau’s plan for 2016.

The plan will include 131 social-oriented events, which include awareness lectures for school students in the different educational stages, awareness programs for juveniles, awareness councils and programs for athletes, in addition to workshops, competitions, and awareness councils.

The Law Respect Culture Bureau will also organize 126 policing and legal events, including awareness lectures and workshops that target the MoI’s staff members, recruits, and trainees outside the UAE, and other events for the Women Police.

Colonel Dr. Salah Obeid Al Ghoul, Director of Law Respect Culture Bureau, stressed the Ministry of Interior’s commitment to deliver its legal message to all members of society of various ages, backgrounds and segments; to raise their legal awareness; and instill the culture of law respect among them through two invariable approaches; namely, providing legal knowledge, which overcomes ignorance of laws, and instilling respect for the law, which relies upon creating a positive relationship between the individual and the law because of their vital role in protecting their lives, and ensuring their safety and freedoms.

Colonel Al Ghoul considered that delivering the legal message in a simplified and understandable way to a broader spectrum of society is a pressing need. This is done to protect individuals from whatever influences their behaviors that is incompatible with the laws and values of the country, whether by their awareness and understanding, or inadvertently. He also confirmed that ignorance of the law is one of the most common causes of legal violations; therefore it is important to find a social culture that believes in the importance and need to respect the written laws such as legislations and the unwritten laws such as values and morals.

For his part, Lt. Colonel Dr. Hamoud Al Afari, Deputy Director of the Law Respect Culture Bureau, indicated that the strategic goal of the events organized by the Bureau throughout the year is to promote the concepts of Law Respect Culture and reinforce the legal culture among members of society and police staff members.

He also pointed out that the plan’s topics include MoI Councils, lectures, competitions, panel discussions, and workshops for housewives about educating children on the need to respect the law. Other lectures are destined for women in general to increase their legal culture. “The events also include legal awareness through more than 200 legal broadcasts. The bureau will also be participating in 6 events in collaboration with partners, organizing 35 Ramadan Councils and 30 awareness legal councils throughout the year. It will also be launching “The Watani” legal notebook and “the Employee, Rights and Duties” booklet (Second Edition), in addition to issuing legal leaflets that provide a summary of the applicable laws in the UAE, and raising awareness through public transport means,” he said.

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