200 workers from Sharjah attended a law awareness lecture organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, in cooperation with the Guidance Department at the Ministry of Labor, as part of its 2016 comprehensive  educational program.

Lieutenant Saif Rashid Al Hindasi, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, delivered a lecture on workers’ legal rights and obligations, explaining the workers’ duties and rights according to the laws congruent with the state constitution, to raise awareness among individuals.

He explained the workers’ rights and duties approved by the state constitution and laws, including granting the worker the rights provided for in all the legislation and international conventions on human rights in general, provided that the worker’s stay and residence in the state are legal; however, a worker’s failure to respect these laws make him vulnerable to sanctions, exploitation by others, and loss of rights granted to him by the state.

Lt. Al Hindasi stressed that the worker must be aware of the rights contained in the contract signed with employers; the contracts and clauses are laws with binding force between parties and no worker is excused for his ignorance of the contract content or the law provisions as long as his signature is affixed on the contract.

Regarding the worker’s duties, he explained that workers must observe the regulations of the United Arab Emirates and must not compromise the local customs, traditions and heritage. As soon as he enters the country to work, he must also respect the rights of others, follow the contractual terms of employment and abide by the laws in force.

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