As part of its outreach programs, the Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior organized a lecture under the theme “Patriotism is a Shared Responsibility”. The lecture targeted students of Al Shaheen School for Basic Education and Al Khaznah School for Boys in Al Ain.

In his lecture, First Lieutenant Mohammed Abdullah Al Muhairi, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau tackled the notion of law respect and its role in creating a social culture that emphasizes the importance and necessity of respecting the laws – which should be fostered throughout the years of a child’s upbringing. “Such a culture can be cultivated by focusing on the role of the family, instilling moral values, and educating the children about the legal systems from a young age,” he said.

First Lieutenant Al Muhairi also discussed the concept of patriotism, the components of good citizenship, national duties, loyalty and belonging. He said: “Patriotism is more than flashy slogans and enthusiastic chants, because the greatest gift we could offer to our country is our loyalty that goes beyond selfishness and self-interests, to sacrifice every minute and breath for the sake of building this country.”

He explained that patriotism means adhering to national values and behaviors, representing the UAE in a praiseworthy manner in international forums, knowing the UAE history, taking pride in the Emirati identity, and adhering to customs and traditions. “Students are the backbone of the future, and they must maintain these high values through their efforts, perseverance, commitment to educational laws, and the preservation of their school,” he indicated.

The lecturer displayed photos that showcase patriotism, loyalty and dedication, by upholding the values and customs and serving the nation. “A good example is the Emirati inventor Adeeb Suleiman Al Bloushi, who obtained seven scientific patents, and is the first Emirati child to figure among eight most genius children in the world even though he is just 10 years old,” he concluded.
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