The US police delegation, headed by Major General Horace Frank, Deputy Commander of Special Operations and Anti-terrorism bureau at Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), , reviewed the training skills of staff members at the Directorate General of Security Support, and a number of police departments. The delegation is on a week-long visit to the UAE, as a part of the expertise exchange program with international police bodies

The delegation attended part of the extensive training exercises carried out by the security support staff members, in swimming, and shooting; and reviewed the equipment and the special devices in the security support field patrols according to the latest international standards. The delegation members watched a documentary film about the Directorate General of Security Support, and were briefed about the operations and patrols sections, and the major tasks carried out by the security support staff members. They also took part in the mock-up drills and operations carried out by the Security Support patrols, and daily tasks they perform on the streets of Abu Dhabi.

The guest delegation also visited the Criminal Investigation department (CID) at the Directorate General of Police Operations of Abu Dhabi Police, and was briefed on its achievements, initiatives and efforts for continuous development, which include implementing the best practices and standards in the field of police work. The delegation was greeted upon arrival by Brigadier Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the CID Department.

The delegation continued his tour on the various police departments, and visited the Central Operations Room, at the Directorate General of Central Operations at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ. Colonel Nasser Al Maskari, Head of the Operations Department at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, briefed the delegation about the tasks and duties undertaken by the Operations Room. The delegation then watched a presentation about the main Operations Room, and the development achieved with the use of the latest technological devices and advanced software and systems. The delegation members were also acquainted with the role the Operations Room, as well as its daily tasks, and the role of the mobile Operations Room in the police and security work.

Major General Horace Frank and the accompanying delegation also expressed their admiration for the exceptional skills demonstrated by the Security Support staff members; praising their high-end abilities and competencies in the various field and practical training exercises such as shooting, use of weapons and swimming. They also expressed admiration for the latest technologies and sophisticated equipment and systems used, that are in accordance with advanced international standards and specifications.

The LAPD delegation also lauded the significant development achieved by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (GHQ) across its various facilities and departments, and expressed admiration for the developmental levels attained, which contribute significantly to enhancing the overall state of security and stability witnessed by the United Arab Emirates.

It is worth mentioning that a delegation from the Security Support Department at Abu Dhabi Police recently took part in the sorties carried out by the LAPD Air Wing Department during his visit to Los Angeles, USA. They also participated in the raids to arrest wanted criminals, and responded to emergency notifications that requested the intervention of air support helicopters, as well as realistic operations and daily tasks of the LAPD in the streets of Los Angeles.

The Security Support delegation’s multiple visits to the Los Angeles Police Department contributed to acquaint the delegation members with modern police tactics and innovative ideas in the framework of the approach to follow-up on the latest developments in police and security work. The Security Support staff members tackled criminals in the heart of Los Angeles County, and contributed to the arrest of suspected outlaws in response to criminal reports, during their hands-on participation in the LAPD field patrols.

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