Michael Downing, Deputy Chief of Los Angeles Police Department, praised the efficiency and readiness of the Security Support delegation members, as well as their prompt response and outstanding skills in handling the different types of crimes and cases. These remarks were made by Downing in his address during the ceremony held to honor the Security Support Department’s delegation, marking the conclusion of their participation of the expertise exchange program. The delegation had participated in the missions to arrest of a number of outlaws and wanted suspects.

Major General Horace Frank, Deputy Commander of Special Operations and Anti-terrorism Bureau at the Los Angeles Police Department, also praised the efforts and efficiency of the Security Support members in fighting crime, as well as their skills, professionalism and exceptional performance in carrying out difficult and dangerous tasks. He also lauded the leading experience of the Emirati Police, stressing that the UAE is one of the most secure and stable countries worldwide.

The delegation from the Security Support Department, headed by Major Hasan Al Shehhi, Head of the Training Section at the Security Support Department, concluded its participation in the daily field operations carried out by the LAPD patrols throughout the streets of Los Angeles. The delegation also visited the Crisis and Emergency Center at the LADP, where they were acquainted with the different tasks and plans undertaken by the center to manage the most important events and crisis.

The Security Support members also reviewed the mutual security coordination mechanism between the LADP and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During their visit to the LADP’s Central Prison, they examined the inmates’ distribution and classification system, which is based predominantly on their level of danger, and their psychological and mental state.

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