The Internal Audit Committee at the Ministry of Interior discussed work results and achievements made by the Internal Audit office during 2015. The committee also examined the most important recommendations, and improvement opportunities required to upgrade performance across the MoI’s various sectors.

The Internal Audit Committee held its meeting in the office of the Inspector General, under the chairmanship of Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior. Major General Salem Mubarak Al Shamesi, Director General of Finance and Services, and Major Mohammed Abdullah Al Aryani, Director of the Internal Audit office attended the meeting, along with members of the committee.

During the meeting, attendees reviewed the work plans and priorities for 2016, consistent with the vision and strategic objectives of the Ministry of Interior.

Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi emphasized the importance of spreading the culture of internal audit across the different departments, due to its significant importance in raising the efficiency and effectiveness of internal procedures, through the implementation of the laws and policies and the identification of the risks, in the process to of implementing work plans and programs.

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