The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police have stressed that that aside from the National Day parade organized at Yas Island on 3 December from 4 to 11 p.m.; any parade involving decorated vehicles on any roads are strictly prohibited.

The Directorate has urged for drivers to adhere to the designated times as specified by the traffic laws, as everyone joyfully celebrates the National Day and reflects upon the national values that the event represents. The National Day celebrations are a part of the UAE’s national, historical, and social fabric; and are a traditional model of development and prosperity.    

According to Brigadier Khalifa Mohamed Al Khaiaili, Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, the Directorate has allocated a temporary arena near the Hilton Hotel on the Abu Dhabi Corniche where they will immediately seize vehicles that are found to be violation of the car decoration guidelines. He said that vehicles will also be seized in the event that the drivers fail to abide by the ‘Spirit of the Union’ and behave in a chaotic manner, cause disturbances, show-off and perform stunts in the roads, disrupt the flow of traffic, or block roads.

“We will deal firmly with anyone who violates the traffic laws; and there will be no leniency in this regard,” he said. “The Directorate will seize and impound the vehicles if drivers fail to embody the true meanings behind the 44th National Day celebrations.”

Moreover, he noted that a comprehensive plan will be applied to intensify control in all areas in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region. The flow of traffic will be monitored through surveillance cameras and radars located on every road and in the underground tunnels so as to capture any traffic violations during the National Day celebrations. He said that the police and traffic patrols alongside the civil patrols of the Traffic Investigation Section are tightening their control and will hold every violator legally accountable.

Al Khaiaili explained that there will be a comprehensive coordinated framework in place between the Directorate and the concerned authorities throughout the organization of the Abu Dhabi events, which include celebrations at: Yas Island, Al Maryah Island, Hazza bin Zayed Stadium, Zayed Sports City Stadium, as well as the parks and public facilities in the emirate. “These steps and safety provisions are in place in order to ensure a seamless flow of traffic and ease of access to the venues in hopes to achieve our theme for this year’s celebrations: ‘Let’s celebrate without any violations’.

Brigadier Khalifa Mohamed Al Khaiaili noted that the Directorate, in coordination with the Department of Transport, has set a plan to organize the traffic flow during the official celebration on 2 December, at Zayed Sports City. He pointed that private vehicles will not be allowed to enter the venue, as assembly points have been designated in Al Shahama and Yas Island, where busses will be available to transport the public to and from the venue.

The Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate mentioned that intensifying the presence on the ground through patrols aims to provide traffic safety during this national occasion. The traffic duties will include participation of the traffic patrols in organizing the traffic during the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, which will run from 20 November until 12 December at Al Wathba.

The duties will also include monitoring the decorated vehicles’ parade organized by the Tourism Authority, to be held in Yas Island on 3 December to celebrate the 44th National Day. The parade is expected to witness the participation of hundreds of vehicles adorned with the colors of the UAE flag.

“Let’s celebrate this dear and national occasion in a positive and collaborative spirit, and let’s mark this joyful occasion by adhering to the traffic laws and by following the guidance of the traffic patrols,” Brigadier Al Khaiaili said.

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