The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters has launched a set of eight innovation and creativity workshops for the benefit staff members at the Directorate General of Human Resources. The workshops will continue until mid-November.

The workshops will discuss the prospects of creative thinking and the fundamentals and methods to encourage creativity and innovation based on international-best standards. They also aim to enhance staff members’ awareness about creativity and innovation, and provide them with the appropriate tools to create a motivating and sustainable work environment based on creative and innovative ideas and results.

The Directorate General of Human Resources had recently organized an inaugural workshop that was attended by Major General Muhammad bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Resources and Support Services; Brigadier Obeid Salim Al Ketbi, Director General of Human Resources; and a number of directors at the Directorate General of Human Resources. The workshop was also attended by Colonel Muhammad Obeid Bu Ali, Head of the Innovation and Creativity Team, and team members from the Directorate General of Human Resources; in addition to the international Saudi trainer, Dr. Adel Al Yazidi, who is an expert on individual and organizational identity building in the field of creativity.

Major General Al Menhali said: “Creativity and innovation are amongst the main pillars for developing institutional work within organizations, and are the key to ensuring both continuity and endurance. He also stressed the commitment of the Ministry of Interior to encourage innovation and creativity amongst human resources, out of its firm belief in the important role of creative ideas submitted by staff members. “The Ministry of Interior is also committed to increasing staff members efficiency, productivity, and competency, as well as adopting their innovative proposals and turning them into functional applications; in the quest to promote forward thinking and better manage innovation,” he added.

He also noted that organizing such workshops comes in line with the vision and strategy of the UAE Government to make 2015 a year for creativity and innovation, which were the translation of the vision of his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai, during a cabinet meeting held in the Emirate of Fujairah. He said: “The Ministry of Interior has been a pioneer in embracing the concepts of innovation and creativity in its approach to qualify promising modern leaders.”

For his part, Brigadier Al Ketbi confirmed that the Abu Dhabi Police are committed to enhancing creativity and innovation amongst staff members, and involving them in the work processes, as well as reinforcing their capabilities based on innovative and creative standards, in order to upgrade police work. He said: “Creative ideas and unique innovative suggestions are boundless, and it’s everyone’s duty to work on enhancing and developing them.”

Brigadier Al Ketbi reiterated the importance of organizing creativity and innovation workshops as a pillar to achieve excellence; in addition to their instrumental role in instilling the concepts and practices of quality. He also pointed out to the importance of the initiatives and success factors embraced by the Abu Dhabi Police in order to create a motivational work environment, and provide staff members with opportunities to promote creative work and carry out police work responsibilities.

Colonel Bu Ali emphasized the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to supporting excellence paths and sustainability opportunities. “The Abu Dhabi Police are also committed to spreading the culture of innovation and creativity amongst staff members, and implementing the ideas that befit the police institution’s status, to help achieve the aspirations of the government in the field of excellence and quality that augur a bright promising future,” he said.

He also noted that organizing the workshops align with the MoI’s strategy and directives on the need to adopt purposeful proposals submitted by staff members and discuss the success possibility of implementing them, so as to enhance the services provided by the police to the public and upgrade these services in the best possible way. He added: “The MoI’s strategy also aims to develop creative thinking, in a way that would positively reflect on performance levels by adopting these ideas and integrating them in the work processes.”

The Head of Innovation and Creativity Team noted that supporting innovators and helping them overcome potential obstacles enable them to achieve advanced career levels in all areas of modernity, technology, and innovation. He said: “This approach will ultimately contribute to elevating the UAE position on the international scene.”  He also noted that the police leadership has provided all of the necessary resources in order to reinforce and build a strong work force.

The inaugural workshop also tackled the comprehensive vision of creativity and innovation. Colonel Bu Ali reviewed various subjects and crucial benefits of recognizing and implementing innovative ideas that foster development and modernization.

International Saudi trainer, Dr. Adel Al Yazidi reviewed the main challenges, solutions, ideas, and innovative tools; in addition to means of creating these tools in support of production tools to ensure optimal benefit. He also discussed the benefits of innovation both for individuals and institutions. In conclusion, he tackled the means to attain and maintain high levels of innovation and creativity, and methods of overcoming challenges; in addition to identifying the means to improve work and developthe culture of innovation and creativity.

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