Upon conclusion of the fourth annual INTERPA Conference (International Association of Police Academies) organized by the Police College, representing the Ministry of Interior, participants recommended establishing a knowledge-based online encyclopedia and integrating it within the INTERPA website. The encyclopedia focuses on promoting the specialized policing culture for all security institution personnel. It also aims to foster the proactive nature of police work and to provide officers with continuous training in methods for implementing international human rights treaties and ethics in police work.

The conference also stressed on the importance of keeping pace with the developments that security organizations have achieved in local, regional, and international levels. Participants of the conference additionally pointed to the necessity of utilizing the curriculum from the member police academies and colleges of INTERPA in order to gain access to internationally accredited police training curricula.
Participants also called for developing human competencies in accordance with the latest strategies and to raise the awareness of police institution personnel about the online guide and its use. They also encouraged strengthening the public trust in the police by activating and developing social partnerships and by conducting scientific studies that foster the concepts and objectives of the community police. Additionally, they called for utilizing modern technology to create various scenarios that enable the trainee to learn in a practical and safe environment. The recommendations also highlighted the need to: disseminate smart knowledge amongst every segment of society; learn from the experiences of utilizing smart applications in facilitating and improving public services; and to continuously develop police educational methods in police academies and colleges.

During the third day of the conference, discussions focused on eight papers over the course of two sessions. The papers highlighted a number topics including: UAE Smart Police, new practices in police training, developing educational systems, multicultural training, human rights, and ethics in police training alongside other topics.  

Upon conclusion of the conference, Colonel Saif Al Ketbi, Police College Director, accompanied by Yılmaz Çolak, President of INTERPA; distributed certificates to the heads and members of delegations, experts, researchers, and participants at the conference.

Heads and Members of Participating Delegations Tour the Capital

The heads and members of delegation s participating in the fourth annual INTERPA Conference (International Association of Police Academies) toured various areas of Abu Dhabi and attended a dinner held in their honor.

During the dinner, and to the applause and admiration of the participants, the Abu Dhabi Police Music Band performed a number of their musical pieces, chants, and traditional and folk dances.

At the end of the ceremony, commemorative shields were distributed to the heads and members of delegations, experts, researchers, and participants at the conference.

The honoring ceremony was attended by Colonel Saif Al Ketbi, Police College Director; Yılmaz Çolak, President of INTERPA; and Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Abdullah Al Khouri, Police College Deputy Director alongside department heads, chiefs of sections, and a large number of officers from the Ministry of Interior.
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