The Sports Activity Section of the Clubs Department at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters hosted a ceremony in the auditorium at the Police Officers Club in Al Ain to honor the entities and students that took part in the Friends of the Police program for 2015.  The program was organized during the first semester vacation and included various cultural and recreational activities.

The closing ceremony was attended by Colonel Saif Saeed Al Shamesi, Chief of Sports Activity Section at the Clubs Department at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters; Colonel Ali Salem Al Dir’e, Chief of Licensing Section at Al Ain Traffic Department; in addition to officers, representatives of participating institutions and entities, and students’ parents.

The ceremony began with verses from the Holy Quran recited by one of the participating female students. After that, Captain Abdullah Al Taweer Al Ameri, from the Al Ain Police Officers Club, gave a speech by which he confirmed the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to strengthen its societal role by organizing diverse activities, events, programs, and forums to enhance communication and interaction with all segments of society, especially students. He also noted that as many as 97 female and male students took part in the program.

Student Israa’ delivered a speech on behalf of her fellow students who took part in the program, by which she expressed her happiness and joy for participating. She said: “Taking part in the Friends of the Police program has contributed significantly to providing us with knowledge and expertise that would ultimately help us to become active members of society. This goal has encouraged us to enroll in the program and demonstrate our skills through cooperation and teamwork. The program also provided us with the necessary skills to plan and implement programs and projects, as well as assuming responsibility. The program also played a valuable role in developing our security awareness by communicating with police staff members in their efforts to maintain security and stability in society.”

The Friends of the Police Program had kicked off in Al Ain during the first semester vacation. It included various purposeful cultural and awareness activities for students to invest their leisure time. The activities included visits to the Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting, and Golf Club; shooting training, as well as heritage activities at Al Bada Camp of Al Ain Municipality. This activity aimed at highlight the importance of maintaining heritage and folklore by strengthening their ties with the genuine customs and traditions, as well as the need to preserve this heritage, customs, and the traditional Emirati wear.

Students also visited Dar Zayed for Family Care and reviewed the Bedouin lifestyle, social life and genuine customs of hospitality and Emirati generosity. Students enjoyed Saluki dog shows, which is an important ancient traditional hunting sport practiced for thousands of years by Emiratis.

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