The summer events for the Friends of the Police Program kicked off on Sunday, and will continue through August 13th. A total of 347 sons and daughters of officers, non-commissioned officers, and civil workers at Abu Dhabi Police are expected to participate; with 225 children participating in Abu Dhabi and 122 children participating in Al Ain.

The program is organized by the Cultural and Social Activity Section of the Clubs Department for the sons and daughters of officers who are between the ages of 6 and 14. The program activities include recreational visits, cruises, and a number of tours at police departments, and target practice.

Colonel Aref Saif Al Shamesi, Head of Clubs and Sports Activities Department, highlighted the commitment of the Abu Dhabi Police to keep children occupied during their leisure time throughout the summer vacation. “The time with these children is dedicated to providing them with activities that develop their skills, knowledge, and experience alongside their physical and mental abilities,” he said. “The activities are character-building and foster a sense of responsibility, which enables them to participate in further spreading security awareness throughout our society.”

According to Colonel Hareb Khamis Al Khaili, Deputy Head of the Clubs Department, noted that the aim of the Friends of the Police Program is to protect children and teenagers by deterring them from committing delinquent behaviors and actions. Similarly, the program aims to introduce children to the nature of police work and to encourage them to be more innovative and creative.

Col. Al Khaili also noted that the number of officers’ children registered for the summer activities of the Friends of the Police Program in Al Ain has amounted to 122 students; 5 of whom are from Dar Zayed for Family Care, and 10 are from the Emirates Red Crescent Authority. The social initiative aims to integrate these children with their peers through participation in such events that develop their mental and cultural abilities.
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