In collaboration with the Baniyas Sports Club, the Punitive and Correctional Institutions Department at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters organized a friendly football match between inmates of Al Wathba Section, and the Bani Yas Sports Club youth team. The match took place in Al Wathba Section’s gymnasium, and ended in favor of the guest team 1-0.

Major Abdul Jalil Ismail Ahmed, Reform and Rehabilitation Coordination Branch Manager at the Punitive and Correctional Institutions Department of Abu Dhabi Police, said that the friendly match aims to create an atmosphere of détente and provide inmates with a life changing experience. This falls in line with the mutual cooperation efforts between the Punitive and Correctional Institutions Department and Baniyas Sports Club.

Saleh Ismail, member of the board of directors of the Bananas Sports Club, explained that the friendly match is a part of the club administration’s efforts to serve the community, by organizing friendly sports activities and events for the different society segments, and helping them to practice their favorite hobbies.

The match was characterized by rivalry, fair competition and high sportsmanship between both teams. Towards the end of the event, the Baniyas Sports Club youth team presented the trophy to the Punitive and Correctional Institutions’ inmates, in a kind and thoughtful gesture.
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