A workshop organized by the Abu Dhabi Police discussed mechanisms for engaging employees in the Knowledge Council initiative. This initiative was launched by the Abu Dhabi Excellence Program (ADEP) at the General Secretariat of The Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, with the contribution of 27 governmental bodies.

The initiative encourages Abu Dhabi Government employees to share knowledge and experience with others to gain new skills. Among the initiative’s further objectives are spreading a culture of excellence and the fostering of cooperation with other governmental bodies.

In his opening speech, Colonel Thani Butti Al Shamesi, Head of the Training Department at Abu Dhabi Police, and Excellence Culture Spreading Team Leader, stressed the importance of working to bridge the gap between various points of view and to unify objectives among the institutions of the Abu Dhabi Government, including those working under its umbrella. He pointed out the essential role of channeling the capabilities of the employees at these institutions by turning them into a cohesive team, to facilitate the integration of efforts within these institutions.

In addition, Colonel Al Shamesi stressed the importance of organizing these workshops regularly to foster partnerships and enhance the process of exchanging knowledge and views. He pointed out that the resulting culture of excellence contributes to providing the best services, in accordance with the vision of the Abu Dhabi Government.

During the workshop, named “Reconciling Objectives of Employees and Institutions”, Major Mohammed Nasser Al Esaaei, Chief of Employee Performance Evaluation Section, discussed the mechanisms for engaging employees in the objective-setting process for the institutions, as well as the ways of formulating the announcement of these objectives, in a way that meets the desired outcomes. He also stressed the importance of matching employees’ objectives with those of their institutions, as a workforce is the best positioned to deliver the ultimate image and embodiment of their institution’s vision.

Participants agreed that similar workshops may strengthen employee experience, as they enable them to enhance their work. Laila Al Zarouni, Head of the Training and Occupational Development Department at ZonesCorp (Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones) in Abu Dhabi, said that based on the experience of the Abu Dhabi Police the workshop was important for reviewing opinions, which helps to continuously develop its systems.

Mohammed Hasan Al Ameri, Chief of the Skills Development and Emiratization Section at Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council said: “this session and other workshops are important for transferring knowledge between the institutions under the Abu Dhabi Government. It is a distinguished initiative for supporting excellence in the UAE in general.” Wishing this influential initiative to continue, he also expressed his gratitude to both the organizers and to the Excellence Culture Spreading Team.

Saeed Matar Al Mazroui, Chief of the Training and Employee Development Section at Al Ain Municipality, said: “this initiative highlights the commitment of all participating institutions to exchange their excellent practices with other Abu Dhabi Government institutions.” For his part, Abdul Hakim Murad Abdullah Al Baloushi, from Al Ain Municipality, noted that the workshop was comprehensive in covering the roles of the employees and integrating them with the standards adopted at their institutions.

Maryam Majid Al Suwaidi, Senior Analyst of Performance Management at the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport pointed to the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters’ system and advised all government bodies to review it and adopt similar systems for their institutions. Qisma Al Qasem, Senior Performance Evaluation Specialist at the Judicial Department explained that the session presented constructive views that benefit everyone and contribute to developing the evaluation system and systems of linking employee objectives with those of institutions, based on scientific methods.

Noura Al Zaabi, Planning Officer of the Human Resources Department at Abu Dhabi Sports Council noted that she benefited from the programs, approaches and objectives realized during the session, and the methods of linking them with the objectives of institutions. Noura Al Menhali, Senior Specialist in Performance Evaluation Management at the Abu Dhabi Education Council explained that the Abu Dhabi Police systems are developed in linking the objectives of employees with those of their institutions. “We benefited from this session by acquainting ourselves with the individual and institutional roles and linking them,” she said.

Wafaa Nasser Al Junaibi, Senior Human Resources Specialist at the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) noted that the topics discussed during the workshop contributed to developing knowledge. Amnah Al Shehhi, Chief of the Strategic Planning Section at Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs said: “the workshop was exceptional for providing new knowledge and science; correcting many misunderstood concepts; and explaining methods for spreading a culture of excellence.”

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