The Faraj Fund, affiliated with the Ministry of Interior, convened its General Assembly and approved the Fund’s annual report and project plans for 2015.

The General Assembly approved the Fund’s annual report for fiscal year 2014 and commissioned the board of directors to assign financial auditors for the next fiscal year. A number of proposals related to developing the work of the Fund were also discussed during the meeting.

Colonel Ahmad Saeed Al Badi, Director General of the Faraj Fund, chaired the meeting that was held at Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters in the presence of Al Faraj Fund Board of Directors and members of the General Assembly.

As a part of its objectives, the Fund seeks to settle outstanding financial issues between inmates and complainants; repaying insolvent inmates’ civil debts; paying the blood money or (Diyya); ensuring a good quality of life for the inmates’ family and dependents; fostering a spirit of unity and social solidarity; and providing the necessary amounts to help needy inmates and their families.

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